WebYaST 1.3

Release Notes

Publication date: 2014-06-17

1 General

WebYaST is a web-based remote console, providing a set of configuration modules appropriate to enable minimal user control of the application image or appliance black box environment.

2 Installation of WebYaST 1.3

WebYaST 1.3 has merged the REST service and the Web User Interface services into a single service, running on port 4984. If you update from 1.2 to 1.3 and want to expose the Web User Interface, make sure to open port 4984 in the firewall (this will be done automatically during update). Both the REST service and Web User Interface are now running via protocol HTTPS.

3 Known Issues

This is a list of issues known in this release.

3.1 Failure to Start iconv ... UTF-8/UTF-16 Conversions (bnc#636621)

Bug 636621 (https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=636621): In some package configurations, WebYaST will fail to start with the message iconv doesn't seem to support UTF-8/UTF-16 conversions.

  • For application image or appliance deployment, remove rubygem-json_pure.rpm and the packages depending on it. These packages are needed only for development.

  • For development, install glibc-locale.rpm.

3.2 Status Not Available after Installation

Right after WebYaST installation, it may happen that the system status module does not show any data. If this happens, make sure that collectd is running and start it if needed.

4 Providing Feedback to Our Products

Please read the READMEs on the CD.

In case of encountering a bug please report it through your support contact.

Your WebYaST Team

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