Release Notes for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Mono

Version 11.0, 2009-02-10


These release notes are generic for all SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Mono 11 based products. Some parts may not apply to a particular architecture/product. Where this is not obvious, the respective architectures are listed explicitly. The instructions for installing can be found in the README file on CD.

Manuals are in the docu directory on the media. Any documentation (if installed) can be found below /usr/share/doc/ in the installed system.

This Novell product includes materials licensed to Novell under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The GPL requires that Novell make available certain source code that corresponds to those GPL-licensed materials. The source code is available for download at Also, for up to three years from Novell's distribution of the Novell product, upon request Novell will mail a copy of the source code. Requests should be sent by e-mail to or as otherwise instructed at Novell may charge a fee to recover its reasonable costs of distribution.

1. Purpose
2. Features and Versions
3. Support Statement for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Mono
4. More Information and Feedback

Chapter 1. Purpose

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Mono 11 is an affordable, integrated suite of innovative open source Mono technology.

The Mono Project is an open development initiative that is working to develop an open source, Unix version of the .NET development platform. Its objective is to enable Unix developers to build and deploy cross-platform .NET applications. The project will implement various technologies that have been submitted to the ECMA for standardization.

It is optimized to work with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 11 , and its tight integration ensures customers have the most robust, secure, and up to date, Mono solution.

Finally, it's open source license minimizes the risk of vendor lock-in, and it's adherence to open standards encourages interoperability with industry standard tools and technologies.

Chapter 2. Features and Versions

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Mono Extension

    New features included in Mono with this product release are:

    • Multi-Platform support

    • Multi-Language support

    • Microsoft Compatible API

    With these features Mono can be used as a free replacement of the .NET development platform. Mono also contains a number of components useful for building new software:

    • A Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) virtual machine that contains a class loader, Just-in-time compiler, and a garbage collecting runtime.

    • A class library that can work with any language which works on the CLR. Both .NET compatible class libraries as well as Mono-provided class libraries are included.

    • A compiler for the C# language. In the future we might work on other compilers that target the Common Language Runtime.

    The CLR and the Common Type System (CTS) enables applications and libraries to be written in a collection of different languages that target the byte code This means for example that if you define a class to do algebraic manipulation in C#, that class can be reused from any other language that supports the CLI. You could create a class in C#, subclass it in C++ and instantiate it in an Eiffel program. A single object system, threading system, class libraries, and garbage collection system can be shared across all these languages.

Chapter 3. Support Statement for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Mono

Support needs an appropriate subscription with Novell; for more information, please see:

Chapter 4. More Information and Feedback

  • Read the READMEs on the CDs.

  • Get the detailed changelog information about a particular package from the RPM:

    rpm --changelog -qp <FILENAME>.rpm

    <FILENAME>. is the name of the RPM.

  • Check the ChangeLog file in the top level of CD1 for a chronological log of all changes made to the updated packages.

  • Find more information in the docu directory of CD1 of the SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Mono CDs. This directory includes PDF versions of the SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Mono startup and preparation guides.

  • contains additional or updated documentation for SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server Mono.

  • Visit for the latest Linux product news from SUSE/Novell and for additional information on the source code of SUSE LINUX Enterprise products.