Security update for ntp

SUSE Security Update: Security update for ntp
Announcement ID: SUSE-SU-2016:1568-1
Rating: important
References: #957226 #962960 #977450 #977451 #977452 #977455 #977457 #977458 #977459 #977461 #977464 #979302 #979981 #981422 #982064 #982065 #982066 #982067 #982068
Affected Products:
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12

  • An update that solves 17 vulnerabilities and has two fixes is now available.


    ntp was updated to version 4.2.8p8 to fix 17 security issues.

    These security issues were fixed:
    - CVE-2016-4956: Broadcast interleave (bsc#982068).
    - CVE-2016-2518: Crafted addpeer with hmode > 7 causes array wraparound
    with MATCH_ASSOC (bsc#977457).
    - CVE-2016-2519: ctl_getitem() return value not always checked
    - CVE-2016-4954: Processing spoofed server packets (bsc#982066).
    - CVE-2016-4955: Autokey association reset (bsc#982067).
    - CVE-2015-7974: NTP did not verify peer associations of symmetric keys
    when authenticating packets, which might allowed remote attackers to
    conduct impersonation attacks via an arbitrary trusted key, aka a
    "skeleton key (bsc#962960).
    - CVE-2016-4957: CRYPTO_NAK crash (bsc#982064).
    - CVE-2016-2516: Duplicate IPs on unconfig directives will cause an
    assertion botch (bsc#977452).
    - CVE-2016-2517: Remote configuration trustedkey/requestkey values are not
    properly validated (bsc#977455).
    - CVE-2016-4953: Bad authentication demobilizes ephemeral associations
    - CVE-2016-1547: CRYPTO-NAK DoS (bsc#977459).
    - CVE-2016-1551: Refclock impersonation vulnerability, AKA:
    refclock-peering (bsc#977450).
    - CVE-2016-1550: Improve NTP security against buffer comparison timing
    attacks, authdecrypt-timing, AKA: authdecrypt-timing (bsc#977464).
    - CVE-2016-1548: Interleave-pivot - MITIGATION ONLY (bsc#977461).
    - CVE-2016-1549: Sybil vulnerability: ephemeral association attack, AKA:
    ntp-sybil - MITIGATION ONLY (bsc#977451).

    This release also contained improved patches for CVE-2015-7704,
    CVE-2015-7705, CVE-2015-7974.

    These non-security issues were fixed:
    - bsc#979302: Change the process name of the forking DNS worker process to
    avoid the impression that ntpd is started twice.
    - bsc#981422: Don't ignore SIGCHILD because it breaks wait().
    - bsc#979981: ntp-wait does not accept fractional seconds, so use 1
    instead of 0.2 in ntp-wait.service.
    - Separate the creation of ntp.keys and key #1 in it to avoid problems
    when upgrading installations that have the file, but no key #1, which is
    needed e.g. by "rcntp addserver".
    - bsc#957226: Restrict the parser in the startup script to the first
    occurrance of "keys" and "controlkey" in ntp.conf.

    Patch Instructions:

    To install this SUSE Security Update use YaST online_update.
    Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12:
      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-2016-933=1
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12:
      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-DESKTOP-12-2016-933=1

    To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

    Package List:

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (ppc64le s390x x86_64):
      • ntp-4.2.8p8-46.8.1
      • ntp-debuginfo-4.2.8p8-46.8.1
      • ntp-debugsource-4.2.8p8-46.8.1
      • ntp-doc-4.2.8p8-46.8.1
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 (x86_64):
      • ntp-4.2.8p8-46.8.1
      • ntp-debuginfo-4.2.8p8-46.8.1
      • ntp-debugsource-4.2.8p8-46.8.1
      • ntp-doc-4.2.8p8-46.8.1