SUSE Enterprise Storage offers a better and more scalable option for enterprise backup. This Software Defined Storage solution greatly simplifies the typical backup scenario as the need for a separate de-duplication device is eliminated through advanced backup software that provides deduplication services.

SUSE has partnership agreements and certifications with a growing number of enterprise backup software vendors, including Veritas, Commvault, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, with built-in tools that remove the need for a separate deduplication device.

SUSE Enterprise Storage appears to the backup server as a simple, backup target. It can appear as an iSCSI interface, a REST gateway, or even a Linux filesystem. The operator of the backup software does not have to know the details of the SUSE Enterprise Backup configuration.

Behind the scenes, SUSE Enterprise Storage is a self-managing, self-healing cluster. The system provides built-in fault tolerance, ensuring that you won’t lose data if a drive fails or a server goes offline. The self-healing, self-managing nature of SUSE Enterprise Storage minimizes management expense.

SUSE Enterprise Storage also keeps upgrade cost at a minimum. Because SUSE does not charge a per-gigabyte fee for the total data under storage, you’ll never pay more just for storing more data. If you ever reach the point where you need to expand the system, simply buy another server license and add another server to the cluster. Ceph integrates the new server and distributes the workload. This also translates to never having to do any migrations, or remove undepreciated hardware from your backup environment simply because the disk array ran out of space.

SUSE Enterprise Storage’s hardware certification program further reduces management costs and provides a smooth transition to the SUSE Enterprise Storage environment with minimal disruption or downtime.

Real Savings

SUSE Enterprise Storage delivers savings for the disk-to-disk backup customer with:

  • Commodity hardware for minimal hardware cost
  • Open source software, for minimal software cost and maximum flexibility
  • A self-managing, self-healing architecture for minimal management cost
  • A flexible, cluster-based design for graceful and inexpensive upgrade an innovative licensing model that avoids per-gigabyte storage charges, so you won’t owe more for saving more data.
  • With minimal acquisition cost, management cost, and upgrade cost, SUSE Enterprise Storage is the lowest-price solution for enterprise archive and backup implementations