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CVE-2021-21290 at MITRE


Netty is an open-source, asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol servers & clients. In Netty before version 4.1.59.Final there is a vulnerability on Unix-like systems involving an insecure temp file. When netty's multipart decoders are used local information disclosure can occur via the local system temporary directory if temporary storing uploads on the disk is enabled. On unix-like systems, the temporary directory is shared between all user. As such, writing to this directory using APIs that do not explicitly set the file/directory permissions can lead to information disclosure. Of note, this does not impact modern MacOS Operating Systems. The method "File.createTempFile" on unix-like systems creates a random file, but, by default will create this file with the permissions "-rw-r--r--". Thus, if sensitive information is written to this file, other local users can read this information. This is the case in netty's "AbstractDiskHttpData" is vulnerable. This has been fixed in version 4.1.59.Final. As a workaround, one may specify your own "" when you start the JVM or use "DefaultHttpDataFactory.setBaseDir(...)" to set the directory to something that is only readable by the current user.

SUSE information

Overall state of this security issue: Pending

This issue is currently rated as having low severity.

CVSS v2 Scores
  National Vulnerability Database
Base Score 1.9
Vector AV:L/AC:M/Au:N/C:P/I:N/A:N
Access Vector Local
Access Complexity Medium
Authentication None
Confidentiality Impact Partial
Integrity Impact None
Availability Impact None
CVSS v3 Scores
  National Vulnerability Database SUSE
Base Score 5.5 2.9
Attack Vector Local Local
Attack Complexity Low High
Privileges Required Low None
User Interaction None None
Scope Unchanged Unchanged
Confidentiality Impact High Low
Integrity Impact None None
Availability Impact None None
CVSSv3 Version 3.1 3.1
SUSE Bugzilla entries: 1182103 [NEW], 1199338 [RESOLVED / FIXED]

SUSE Security Advisories:

List of released packages

Product(s) Fixed package version(s) References
Container suse/manager/5.0/x86_64/server:5.0.0-beta1.2.122
  • netty >= 4.1.75-150200.4.6.2
Image SLES15-SP3-Manager-4-2-Server-BYOS-Azure
Image SLES15-SP3-Manager-4-2-Server-BYOS-EC2-HVM
Image SLES15-SP3-Manager-4-2-Server-BYOS-GCE
  • netty >= 4.1.44.Final-150300.4.3.2
Image SLES15-SP4-Manager-Server-4-3
Image SLES15-SP4-Manager-Server-4-3-Azure-llc
Image SLES15-SP4-Manager-Server-4-3-Azure-ltd
Image SLES15-SP4-Manager-Server-4-3-BYOS
Image SLES15-SP4-Manager-Server-4-3-BYOS-Azure
Image SLES15-SP4-Manager-Server-4-3-BYOS-EC2
Image SLES15-SP4-Manager-Server-4-3-BYOS-GCE
Image SLES15-SP4-Manager-Server-4-3-EC2-llc
Image SLES15-SP4-Manager-Server-4-3-EC2-ltd
  • netty >= 4.1.44.Final-150400.3.3.2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Package Hub 15 SP5
  • netty >= 4.1.75-150200.4.6.2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Package Hub 15 SP5 GA netty-4.1.90-150200.4.14.1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Package Hub 15 SP6
  • netty >= 4.1.75-150200.4.6.2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Package Hub 15 SP6 GA netty-4.1.108-150200.4.23.1
SUSE Manager Server Module 4.1
  • netty >= 4.1.44.Final-150200.3.4.2
SUSE Manager Server Module 4.2
  • netty >= 4.1.44.Final-150300.4.3.2
SUSE Manager Server Module 4.3
  • netty >= 4.1.44.Final-150400.3.3.2
openSUSE Leap 15.3
  • netty >= 4.1.75-150200.4.6.2
  • netty-javadoc >= 4.1.75-150200.4.6.2
  • netty-poms >= 4.1.75-150200.4.6.2
openSUSE Tumbleweed
  • netty >= 4.1.60-1.4
  • netty-javadoc >= 4.1.60-1.4
  • netty-poms >= 4.1.60-1.4

First public cloud image revisions this CVE is fixed in:

Status of this issue by product and package

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Product(s) Source package State
Products under general support and receiving all security fixes.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Package Hub 15 SP5 netty Released
SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Package Hub 15 SP6 netty Released
SUSE Manager Server Module 4.3 netty Released
openSUSE Leap 15.5 netty Released
openSUSE Leap 15.6 netty Released
Products past their end of life and not receiving proactive updates anymore.
SUSE Manager Server Module 4.0 netty Unsupported
SUSE Manager Server Module 4.1 netty Released
SUSE Manager Server Module 4.2 netty Released
openSUSE Leap 15.3 netty Affected
openSUSE Leap 15.4 netty Affected
Container Status
suse/manager/5.0/x86_64/server nettyReleased

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