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Customized Images
With SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, you can easily create and deploy tailored images, which is not possible with Microsoft WEPOS or POSReady 2009. SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service uses the image builder KIWI which lets you automatically generate your image templates, while with WEPOS you have to manually redo and adapt your images.

And, with SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, you can flexibly customize and tailor your images as you need them and as they fit for your hardware, from the smallest images to the largest. Also the deployment of new/patched images works automatically and makes administration and maintenance really easy. Finally you have different deployment options–more or less automatically via the administration server, but also offline via Media or even USB.

Thanks to KIWI, you can easily build your own packages, adapt the image sizes, and tailor all packages contained in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server if needed. POS operating systems must be designed to serve the customer quickly and efficiently. You can obtain that by creating POS images with a small operating system footprint. Such small images provide greater reliability and better performance than other operating system installations and, because you can run a small image that requires only 128 MB of RAM, you can extend the lifecycles of older point of service systems. Or, if you prefer, you can use larger images with more robust capabilities.