Novell Announces Broad Support for VMware Ready Virtual Appliances

September 15, 2008

Redistribution agreement offers SUSE Linux Enterprise through VMware's Virtual Appliance Marketplace


Novell today announced broad support for the VMware* Ready Program and for VMware Studio, with SUSE® Linux Enterprise now verified as VMware Ready and as a fully supported guest operating system. In addition, Novell announced that it has entered into a redistribution agreement with VMware that will allow independent software vendors (ISVs) to download, configure, and distribute evaluation versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise through the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace. Together, the announcements ensure that customers who build virtual appliances with VMware Studio and SUSE Linux Enterprise will be able to take full advantage of the VMware platform and achieve simplified deployment, easier management, and stronger security.

Virtual appliances are pre-built software, comprised of Just enough Operating System (JeOS) and applications in a pre-configured package, designed to run in a virtual machine. They are updated, maintained and managed as a unit. Customers can easily install and deploy these pre-integrated solution stacks. SUSE Linux Enterprise and VMware Studio provide customers with a virtual appliance solution that is fully tested and is optimized, reliable, and ready-to-run in a virtual environment. Novell is making it easier for ISVs to quickly build evaluation and full-version appliances, with free tools to build and test appliances, flexible pricing and licensing models, and award-winning technical support.

"VMware Studio and the VMware Ready Program enable software developers to enhance user experience and simplify software deployment while maintaining quality assurance for our customers by clearly communicating that their virtual appliances have been verified as VMware Ready," said Dan Chu, vice president of emerging products and solutions at VMware. "Novell is a strategic addition to the program, and SUSE Linux Enterprise provides our customers with an enterprise-grade Linux that includes robust support for virtualized applications."

The VMware Ready Program is designed to provide developers and customers with the following:

  • Virtual appliances that have been tested and verified as VMware Ready, are safe to run in a production environment and are optimized to run on the VMware Infrastructure platform.
  • VMware Ready Virtual Appliances are maintained according to best practices and deliver an excellent customer experience.
  • The VMware Ready logo is a symbol of trust - assuring customers that VMware Ready Virtual Appliances are of high quality.

"We have always believed that the key to the adoption of software appliances is simplicity," said Roger Levy, senior vice president and general manager, open platform solutions at Novell. "The easier it is to build an appliance, the sooner ISVs can get the appliance into the market. The free distribution of SUSE Linux Enterprise for evaluation of software appliances is a significant step forward in the growth of this market."

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