SUSE Linux Firewall Now Also For "Virtual Private Networks"

November 21, 2001

Security Demands Are Greater Than Ever

Oakland, California

Today, SUSE Linux, the international Open Source technology leader and solutions provider, announced a version of "SUSE Linux Firewall on CD" available for "Virtual Private Networks" (VPN). With increased focus on IT security needs of small and medium sized enterprises, SUSE continues to extend its business product line.

Companies with secure connected networks at various company locations primarily use VPNs. Also telecommuters access data in a company intranet through a VPN. In addition, many companies perform secure Internet-based information exchange with customers, partners, and suppliers via VPNs. For example, data sent by a customer to a banking computer system is transmitted via a secure VPN connection.

"Today, corporations and governments are facing an ever greater need for increased data security", said Johannes Nussbickel, CEO of SUSE Linux. "At SUSE we have always focused on security with innovations such as the 'on-CD' security feature. Our new VPN capabilities in SUSE Linux Firewall extend the secure flow of communication in today's complex corporate networks and are of interest not only for companies but also for original equipment manufacturers."

"SUSE Linux Firewall on CD - VPN Edition" offers enterprises using Internet access efficient protection for their mission-critical data and IT infrastructure. Designed as an application-level gateway, SUSE Linux Firewall combines the high security standards of a hardware solution with the flexibility of a software firewall. As the central element of a competent IT security policy, SUSE Linux Firewall checks, monitors, analyzes, and logs the ongoing data traffic, thus providing a maximum degree of security.

The main advantage of SUSE Linux Firewall is the so-called live system that allows the operating system to be booted directly from a read-only CD-ROM without installing it on the hard disk. The live system represents a security gain, since the firewall software itself is located on the CD-ROM and cannot be manipulated. The respective configuration files - such as the ipchains packet filter settings are stored on a write-protected floppy disk.

The enclosed source code enables the adaptation to any specific needs. A second CD contains the "Firewall Administration System" (FAS), a set of convenient tools for the quick configuration and efficient administration of one or several firewalls.

Protection Against Attacks from Internal and External Sources

Since many attacks on critical data occur within a company, SUSE Linux Firewall on CD not only protects networks against intrusion from external sources, it also defines limits for various divisions within a company. SuSE Linux Firewall continuously logs the data traffic, providing transparent information on all data accesses.

The included http content filter offers the possibility of effectively filtering HTML pages. Undesired contents can be detected and blocked. The proxy server, which is based on the Open Source program package "squid", accelerates Internet operations by storing previously viewed pages and quickly reloading them on request. Additional features include syslog, postfix as mail relay, and SSH support.

SUSE Linux Firewall on CD is available as "Standard Edition" and as "VPN Edition" and can be obtained directly from SUSE or from authorized SuSE Business Partners. The package price includes the software on 3 CDs plus comprehensive documentation, 30 days of installation support, and 12 months of system maintenance. The recommended retail price for the "Standard Edition" is $1149, the "VPN Edition" is at $1499.

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