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SAP HANA on Azure 101: Why SAP HANA on Azure?

An Introduction to Running SAP HANA in Microsoft Azure

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SUSE on Azure for SAP Applications

SAP HANA and the Microsoft Cloud
The hyper-scale Microsoft Azure platform and Office 365, the leading office productivity suite on the cloud, offer an ecosystem that combines all your data sources including Excel to your SAP HANA environments on Azure for solutions that are designed to power Digital Transformation. Build it with the recommended Linux that’s on-demand and highly-tuned for SAP HANA.

The agility and flexibility offered by public cloud and Microsoft Azure to build, host, and scale the next-generation SAP landscape powered by SAP HANA. Enabled by on-demand resources that can be scaled up or down as operations or business units require. Build and test applications without long lead times from IT, and take your SAP HANA powered applications to production with purpose-built cloud infrastructure that’s globally available. Learn why leading enterprises are moving to the cloud, and taking their SAP applications with them.

Build and Scale
Hardened and Hybrid
Optimized for Performance
Build and Scale

High-Memory Cloud Infrastructure

Implementing SAP HANA on the Azure cloud using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications provides stable environments for SAP environments that achieve bare-metal performance and reliability.

Leverage Azure to power the next generation of SAP applications on a suite of infrastructure services such as Azure AI, machine-learning, and application integration frameworks such as Microsoft Flow. Take advantage of the many capabilities of SAP HANA along with the security and scalability of Azure cloud infrastructure.

Hardened and Hybrid

A Trusted Public and Hybrid Cloud for SAP

At least as important as the security of the SAP HANA database is the security of the underlying operating system. SUSE has a long-running history in IT security for Linux operating systems and offers a comprehensive security package for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to protect systems from all kinds of security incidents. In order to further improve the security standard specifically for SAP HANA, trust SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on the cloud platform that’s trusted by 85% of Fortune 500 companies.

Optimized for Performance

High Performance Cloud Infrastructure

The Large Instances are purpose-built cloud infrastructure that offers high capacity, high-performance, and highly economic cloud infrastructure for SAP Applications on Azure. Combining innovative Microsoft Cloud services with the SAP certified infrastructure that scales as you need it.

Building with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on the Azure Large Instances provide a best-in-class performance cloud environment for a number of SAP applications ready for SAP HANA. Whether combining machine-learning algorithms to understand and make intelligence of the internet-of-things or simply scaling up to process reports faster—you can rely on SUSE and Microsoft to support you.