Why SUSE + Microsoft Azure?
What Use Cases?
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Why SUSE + Microsoft Azure?

Because availability and security still matters

Linux is Linux...right? Consider this—the loss of a mission-critical application or service due to downtime is just as expensive to your business whether your applications are running in the cloud or in your data center. That's why you need an Enterprise Linux.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Microsoft Azure is a proven platform that provides superior reliability and security for cloud computing. This versatile Linux platform seamlessly integrates with Azure cloud services to deliver an easily manageable cloud environment—with patches and support delivered directly from SUSE.

Over 11,400 applications are certified and supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Azure's growing network of global data centers. With built-in site replication and disaster recovery, you can compare its performance, security, and reliability to your on-premises alternatives.

What Use Cases?

Whenever availability & security matters

If you want an enterprise-level Linux distribution in a public cloud, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Azure is the perfect solution.

Here's why. Microsoft is committed to ensuring Azure is the best hyper-scale, enterprise-grade, hybrid cloud platform available. In fact, it's the only global public cloud service provider to offer SLAs. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server delivers enterprise-quality resiliency, security, and manageability, in virtual and cloud as well as physical environments. And, because Microsoft and SUSE have been engineering interoperability solutions together for nine years, you can manage your on-premises, private cloud, and Azure workloads seamlessly.

As a result, you can confidently run your production workloads on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Microsoft Azure. And support, directly from SUSE engineers, is simply a phone call to Microsoft.

Some ideal workloads to run using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in Microsoft Azure include:

  • Workloads requiring high performance and capacity computing
  • Mission-critical applications
  • Hybrid cloud solutions for on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud
  • Custom applications that extend to Microsoft Azure
  • SAP applications
  • Modernized applications
Get Started

Get up and running quickly

Try running your applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Azure. Azure offers a free trial—a $200 credit towards your first month's services.

You can also sign up for a Test Drive demonstrating SUSE Linux Enterprise Server HPC performance on Microsoft Azure.

You can purchase SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC through pay-as-you-go subscriptions, through your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, or through the Microsoft Reseller channel. Talk to your Microsoft representative for more information.

If you already have a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server* subscription through the Azure Marketplace, you can convert your Azure subscription to a Reserved Instance for significant cost savings. Reserved Instances are sold in one-year and three-year increments. Visit aka.ms/SUSEri to purchase.

Develop on Azure

The Open Build Service (OBS) is a free online service that makes it easy to build and distribute binary packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way. The Open Build Service makes it fast and easy to build, test, and deploy application stacks, virtual appliances, and custom SUSE Linux Enterprise Server builds on Microsoft Azure. Learn more

*only available for specific SKUs.