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Technical Information

SUSE Studio

SUSE Studio™ is a web-based application for building and testing software applications in a web browser. It supports the creation of physical, virtual or cloud-based applications by leveraging the software appliance form-factor. It enables you to build your own application images or appliances based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. SUSE Studio is available as an online or onsite version.

SUSE Studio Online is a free online web service accessible at studioexpress.opensuse.org

Minimum requirements for SUSE Studio:
  • CPU: x86-64 only, must be enabled for virtualization
  • Memory: at least 8 GB of RAM (the more the better)
  • Disk: at least 100 GB of free space is recommended

SUSE Lifecycle Management Server

The SUSE Lifecycle Management Server is a component of SUSE Studio. SUSE Lifecycle Management Server is delivered as an appliance and can be deployed in virtual environments or on hardware.

Required operating systems:
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2
Minimum hardware requirements:
  • 4 GB RAM, at least 1GB per CPU
  • 4 GB hard-disk space per managed appliance
  • Network interface (Ethernet)
SUSE Lifecycle Management Server is version 1.3 and requires:
  • SUSE Studio Online (studioexpress.opensuse.org) or
  • SUSE Studio 1.3


WebYaST is fully supported and is available to customers with an active SUSE Studio entitlement.

Technical Description:
  • Please refer to Package Descriptions for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11

SUSE Gallery

SUSE Gallery is a web-based showcase that lets SUSE Studio users to publish and promote software applications and appliances for download. It serves as a central repository of software applications images and appliances, so users can easily browse for applications. SUSE Gallery runs on the same machines as SUSE Studio. For hardware requirements please refer to SUSE Studio.