Build virtual applications at the push of a button

Virtual applications built with SUSE Studio seamlessly integrate into industry virtualization platforms and standards like VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, and OVF.

Virtualization makes it easier, faster and cheaper to provision new servers. Virtualization increases server utilization, can reduce server provisioning time up to 90 percent, offers high availability to keep your business running during outages, and can reduce power, cooling, and real estate costs in a green data center. Furthermore, a virtual infrastructure is a precursor to a private (internal or on-premises) cloud.

Designed for today’s mixed IT environments, SUSE Studio™ enables developers to quickly create, test and deploy virtual applications for all major hypervisors, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen as well as industry standards like OVF. SUSE Studio stores all information about the virtual image or appliance so that it can be reproduced, duplicated or deployed to virtual or cloud environments at the push of a button. Furthermore, an integrated update mechanism automates the maintenance of your deployed virtual application.

Benefits for IT departments:

  • Increase software portability for virtual and cloud environments
  • Reduce development costs with virtual applications that are optimized and ready to run on various virtualization platforms
  • Build on the virtual infrastructure you have today
  • Hasten your deployment of virtual applications
  • Build the foundation for future cloud deployments

Benefits for Software Vendors:

  • Provide your customers with an optimized and portable solution
  • Expand your reach and enter new markets
  • Accelerate time to market and increase revenue. Boost your application via SUSE Gallery, a component of SUSE Studio (
  • Reduce your cost and complexity of developing and testing software
  • Reach new deployment targets without the need of extensive re-architecting
  • Simplify deployment and patching for customers, while reducing support calls
  • Build virtual applications tailored for your customers' needs
  • Improve customer satisfaction and decrease support costs

Gain fast and flexible deployment for your applications. SUSE Studio lets you rapidly scale up or down as needed. Assemble, build and maintain complete portable application stacks in minutes and deploy wherever you want. More ›

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