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SUSE Studio lets you remove labor and cost-intensive software deployment processes. Assemble, build and maintain consistent application images in minutes and deploy wherever you want.

IT organizations like yours are managing an expanding number of applications and databases that are critical to the successful operations of your organization. However, many IT organizations still rely on creating custom scripts to build and integrate application images into the data center environment. With the increasing number of virtual workloads, application images, and cloud deployments on the horizon, this manual process is time-consuming, error-prone and expensive. It increases pressure to reduce infrastructure costs, manage capital expenditures, and consolidate operations.

SUSE Studio™ substantially reduces this complexity. It provides a new, simple way to create, maintain and deploy application images by automating routine, labor-intensive tasks. SUSE Studio can easily build optimized and consistent images in minutes and help IT administrators rapidly scale up or down based on business needs. This eliminates many of the versioning and patch management issues you have to deal with normally. This can also help you standardize your applications to further reduce time, costs and maintenance for software applications deployed into your environment.

SUSE Studio is designed to help you build, configure and maintain portable and cloud-enabled application images or appliances, to reduce the complexity, maintenance and support costs of software deployments. With just a couple of clicks, you decide if you would like to deploy a new or existing application to a physical, virtual and/or cloud environment. The ability to leverage one new or existing application for various environments dramatically improves the efficiency of deploying and maintaining applications.

Benefits for IT departments:

  • Standardize your IT environment
  • Automate your software delivery process
  • Build optimized and consistent application images in minutes
  • Simplify the testing and maintenance of your application images
  • Reduce deployment cycles
  • Gain the flexibility to run your solution in physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Reduce maintenance costs due to reduced software updates
  • Increase productivity during deployment and maintenance
  • Benefit from enhanced security with application control and timely updating

Benefits for Software Vendors:

  • Simplify your software development cycle
  • Keep control over the lifecycle of deployed systems
  • Adapt quickly and easily to new business drivers
  • Deploy your solution for various IT environments without extensive re-architecting and configuration
  • Reduce the footprint of the combined installation (operating system, middleware, application) and the complexity of software installation, maintenance and support
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Increase customer satisfaction and decrease your support costs
Build virtual applications at the push of a button.

Virtual applications built with SUSE Studio seamlessly integrate into industry virtualization platforms and standards like VMware, Xen, KVM, Hyper-V and OVF. More ›

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