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Build cloud-ready application images or appliances with ease.

You can even deploy your application with one click directly from SUSE Studio to public or private clouds.
Although it promises on-demand computing at a lower total cost of ownership, cloud computing can be highly disruptive for IT departments. Cloud computing fundamentally changes the way technology providers engage with business customers and individual users.

SUSE Studio™ takes a lot of the pain out of cloud computing. It virtually eliminates the inefficient manual processes for application deployment by streamlining the entire process of building applications for physical, virtual and cloud environments. It offers a simple, intuitive interface where you can build and test Linux configurations and applications, and share and download these applications as file images.

Customers using Amazon EC2 can deploy their applications directly from SUSE Studio. As a result, you easily extend new and existing applications to private and public cloud based on your business demands and minimize your maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the integration between SUSE Studio and SUSE OpenStack Cloud helps you rapidly deploy and adapt applications for use within your private cloud, or in the public cloud of your choosing as part of a hybrid cloud installation. SUSE Studio helps you assemble, build, and deploy portable application stacks into the SUSE OpenStack Cloud image repository. Since SUSE Studio supports multiple virtualization and cloud platforms, you can place these applications in both your SUSE OpenStack Cloud private cloud and a public cloud to run when needed.

Benefits for IT departments:
  • Extend new and existing applications to private and public cloud
  • Automate the creation, deployment and maintenance of cloud applications
  • Keep the flexibility to deploy an application to a public or private cloud based on your business demands
  • Minimize your maintenance costs
  • Deploy to Amazon EC2 or SUSE OpenStack Cloud with one click

Benefits for Software Vendors:
  • Extend your existing applications to the cloud
  • Provide cloud applications without the large capital outlays traditionally required to target a new platform
  • Expand your reach and enter new markets
  • Stay ahead of the competition and adapt quickly to cloud computing
  • Provide your customers with an optimized and portable solution
  • Avoid extensive re-architecting and configuration for cloud deployments
  • Maintain flexible deployment options for different environments including private and public cloud