Reduce development costs and accelerate time to market

SUSE Studio streamlines the configuration, maintenance and management of software applications into a few simple mouse clicks, helping you tap into new markets quickly.

Application development and deployment is more challenging than ever. You must master aggressive project schedules, distributed development teams and multiple deployment targets across a variety of hardware and software platforms from the data center to the cloud. This increases not only the cost of development but also the costs of supporting and certifying different deployment platforms. Furthermore, new cloud or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) targets can require large upfront investments for re-architecting and configuration.

SUSE Studio™ can help you to easily adapt new technologies, shorten sales cycles and extend existing applications to the cloud while reducing support and development costs. You will enhance your market expansion, business performance and differentiate from your competitors.

With SUSE Studio you can create software images in several formats, making it easy to deploy them on physical hardware, in virtualized environments, or to cloud environments. You can build ISO files for making installable Live CDs or raw disk images that can be written directly to physical hard drives or removable media such as USB sticks. You can also generate virtual application images in the standard formats supported by VMware, Xen, KVM or OVF. Preconfigured, preinstalled images enable you to transform your applications as a service and potentially compete against alternative SaaS offerings. These images offer an easier, less expensive way to use third-party software, especially by lowering the cost of managing independently changing subcomponents of a software stack, such as the application logic, database and web application server.

Benefits for IT departments:

  • Extend new and existing applications to private and public cloud
  • Easily adapt new technologies like cloud computing
  • Provide cloud applications without the large capital outlays traditionally required to target a new platform
  • Increase business performance and productivity
  • Respond to new business need faster
  • Beat complexity

Benefits for Software Vendors:

  • Maintain flexible to adapt new technologies like cloud computing
  • Provide cloud applications without the large capital outlays traditionally required to target a new platform
  • Reduce development and support costs
  • Shorten time to market, fasten you faster development cycles
  • Enhance market expansion
  • Differentiate from your competitors
  • Get access to a new revenue stream
SUSE Studio

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