Simplify compliance

Spend less time staying in compliance with corporate policies and external rules associated with the use of Linux subscriptions.


You want a smart way to tackle the challenges of maintaining and demonstrating compliance for all your Linux workloads. With SUSE Manager you get it.

Using SUSE Manager ensures that your Linux workloads conform to security guidelines. SUSE Manager provides the ability to audit software patch status, automatically confirming that your servers have the latest security updates. If certain servers require a security update you can automatically deploy them across the necessary systems without touching each server.

Your IT organization can make sure that only authorized users can access your servers. You can apply SUSE Manager's role-based access controls to ensure administrators have the desired level of authority to manage each system. Through SUSE Manager, all changes to established server configurations can be tracked and the users easily identified.

The security of your Linux environment can be further enhanced through SUSE Manager's configuration management and provisioning capabilities. SUSE Manager provides a standard approach (OpenSCAP) to maintaining the security of your Linux enterprise systems. As a result your IT staff can develop and maintain standard configurations that conform to security specifications and increase the consistency of provisioning new servers. And SUSE Manager's provisioning capabilities reduce the risk of deployment errors that cause security holes.

In addition, you can easily conduct a hardware and software inventory, to quickly comply with audits without resorting to manual procedures. SUSE Manager automatically tracks server changes and keeps a history, so you can easily provide this information to auditors. Plus, you can use SUSE Manager's standard reports or build tailored reports to provide audit information. If your organization uses an enterprise management suite or a business services management solution for centralized auditing and reporting, you can leverage SUSE Manager's API to simply export information into these third-party tools.

If compliance is a growing concern and time consuming process in your organization, SUSE Manager is the right choice for you.

SUSE Manager

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