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Even in the smallest data centers, manually updating, patching, and configuring servers can be a time-consuming task filled with the chance for costly errors. You need a way to reduce IT costs no matter what size business you serve. As your Linux estate grows, it can require more and more IT personnel to keep up with all that manual work.

Automation is the key to reducing the IT costs associated with server management. SUSE Manager automates server management and provisioning, allowing you to perform these tasks faster and more accurately. These improvements in speed and accuracy raise your IT staff's productivity and reduce server downtime.

SUSE Manager also helps server administrators identify server performance issues before they disrupt your business. With SUSE Manager, the health of each Linux server in your data center can be monitored from a single console. When a server exceeds predefined performance thresholds you will be notified, so you can stay ahead of any trouble and limit the impact to your business.

Plus, SUSE Manager won't drain your IT budget. You will not only reduce IT costs related to your staff, but also save money on the solution itself. SUSE Manager delivers the capabilities you need to effectively manage your Linux systems, but at a more affordable price than proprietary third-party systems management products.

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