New in SUSE Manager 1.7
With SUSE Manager 1.7, you get improved patch and update management, and several IT compliance improvements. New flexible deployment options let you use an enterprise Oracle database or an open source PostgreSQL database. And we've added other enhancements that make it even easier to manage your data center. More ›

Manage SUSE Linux Enterprise the Linux way

Slash your cost of ownership

Automating Linux server management with SUSE Manager reduces administrator effort even as the size and complexity of your Linux deployments grow. It's the fastest way to multiply your Linux ROI. More ›

Reduce the complexity of Linux systems management

SUSE Manager is the best solution for managing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server across major hardware architectures, virtual platforms and cloud environments. More ›

Simplify compliance

Need help meeting compliance challenges? SUSE Manager's comprehensive Linux server management capabilities allow you to automate operating system tracking and auditing processes to ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations. More ›

Improve IT service quality with maximum uptime

SUSE Manager helps you improve IT service quality by maximizing system uptime. You can perform Linux server management and provisioning tasks faster and with fewer errors, for non-stop service delivery. More ›

Move from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to SUSE Linux Enterprise

SUSE Manager makes it easy to transition from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to SUSE Linux Enterprise by managing both distributions. You can replace Red Hat Network Satellite with SUSE Manager easily while retaining data and configurations, and re-using customized scripts, templates and processes. More ›

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