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How to buy SUSE Enterprise Storage Subscriptions

SUSE Enterprise Storage is an intelligent software-defined storage solution, powered by Ceph technology, that enables you to transform your enterprise storage infrastructure to reduce costs while providing unlimited scalability. By separating the physical storage hardware (data plane) from the data storage management logic or "intelligence" (control plane), this solution has no proprietary hardware components required, allowing you to use low cost off-the-shelf hardware. This can save you up to 50 percent over traditional enterprise storage arrays and appliances. SUSE Enterprise Storage provides the data storage management logic. Independent hardware vendor (IHV) partners provide the physical off-the-shelf storage hardware. Together, SUSE and its IHV partners deliver cost-efficient, scalable storage.

A SUSE Enterprise Storage installation consists of a starting base configuration with priority subscription. The SUSE Enterprise Storage base configuration consists of: 4 SUSE Enterprise Storage Nodes (1-2 sockets), up to 6 SUSE Enterprise Storage infrastructure nodes and limited use of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

SUSE Enterprise Storage Expansion Nodes allow the SUSE Enterprise Storage base configuration to be scaled out to meet performance and capacity requirements. A SUSE Enterprise Storage Expansion Node is made up of three components; SUSE Enterprise Storage (1-2 Sockets) node SUSE Enterprise Storage Infrastructure node and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, both with Priority Subscription.

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