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SUSE Enterprise Storage Features

SUSE Enterprise Storage is a highly scalable and resilient software-defined storage solution powered by Ceph technology. It enables organizations to build cost-efficient and highly scalable storage using industry standard, off-the-shelf servers and disk drives.

By separating the physical storage hardware (data plane) from the data storage management logic or "intelligence" (control plane), this solution allows you to use low cost off-the-shelf hardware in place of expensive, proprietary hardware often used by more traditional data storage options.

We provide an intelligent data storage management solution while independent hardware vendor (IHV) partners provide off-the-shelf storage hardware. Together, SUSE and its IHV partners deliver industry-leading, cost-efficient, scalable storage solutions.


Our software-based enterprise storage platform is designed as a distributed storage cluster to provide unlimited scalability from terabytes to petabytes.


Our software's intelligent algorithms store data in a highly distributed manner. It continuously monitors data utilization and re-balances data placement. This means it can optimize system performance without the need for someone to monitor and manage storage administration.

Highly Available

Our data storage solution is highly redundant and designed to have no single points of failure. This maximizes system resiliency and availability.

Fully Featured

SUSE Enterprise Storage provides industry-leading functionality including:

  • Cache tiering
  • Thin provisioning
  • Copy-on-write clones
  • Erasure coding
  • Heterogeneous OS block access (iSCSI)
  • Replication
  • Unified object, block and file system access
  • APIs for programmatic access
  • OpenStack integration
  • Data compression
  • Online scalability of nodes or capacity
  • Online software updates
  • Data-at-rest encryption

Truly Unified

Further reduce capital and operational costs for your storage infrastructure with a truly unified block, object and files storage solution.


SUSE Enterprise Storage provides unified block, object, and file system access. It is tightly integrated into OpenStack and provides native Cinder block support for images and volumes. It also integrates with the OpenStack virtualization infrastructure to connect block devices to virtual machines.