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Today's business needs often require cloud solutions from several vendors, and a robust platform that brings it all together. Customers need solutions that are properly tested and backed by professional support. That's why SUSE developed SUSE OpenStack Cloud powered by OpenStack—an automated cloud management platform that enables the rapid deployment and easy ongoing management of an Infrastructure–as–a–Service (IaaS) private cloud—and is building an ecosystem of Cloud Partners with solutions that complement SUSE OpenStack Cloud.

The SUSE OpenStack Partner Program is a certification program for solutions that have been verified by SUSE partners as compatible with OpenStack and SUSE OpenStack Cloud. Our partners can validate products with OpenStack or our SUSE OpenStack Cloud product and list them in our SUSE Partner Software Catalog and we may also feature some of them on the SUSE OpenStack Partner page.

Program Guide

OpenStack Partner

The entry level for the SUSE OpenStack Partner Program is for any cloud partner that is working with SUSE, and requires that the partner solution is compatible with the OpenStack release upon which SUSE OpenStack Cloud is based. The partner has to be familiar with the OpenStack software environment and make sure they have resources to work with the OpenStack community and SUSE, should an issue arise.

OpenStack Partner—SUSE OpenStack Cloud Ready

The SUSE OpenStack Cloud Ready level for the cloud program requires that the ISV partner has tested their software solution with the corresponding SUSE OpenStack Cloud release and attests that the solution is supported with SUSE OpenStack Cloud. The partner has to perform the level of Quality Assurance testing that is required by their company to deliver support of their software product in the SUSE OpenStack Cloud environment and make sure they have resources to work with SUSE, should an issue arise. The SUSE OpenStack Cloud Ready level is required in order to list the partner's software in the SUSE Partner Software Catalog.

Program Resources

The SUSE OpenStack Program offers full access to the tools, training and support you need to build and certify your products or applications to run with SUSE OpenStack Cloud, including subscriptions for the latest SUSE Linux Enterprise versions, and all SUSE OpenStack Cloud versions.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud software partners can be listed in the SUSE Partner Software Catalog which provides high-level information on independent software vendor (ISV) offerings along with specific version-level details that help customers determine the exact solutions they need for their operational environments and gives greater exposure of their products to the enterprise Linux marketplace. SUSE OpenStack Partners may also be featured on the SUSE OpenStack Partner page.

In addition, SUSE offers exposure to SUSE customers worldwide, enablement opportunities with SUSE Field Sales and co-sales and co-marketing opportunities.

Training Resources

Together with Novell® Training Services, we offer the training course Introduction to SUSE OpenStack Cloud (1410). This course is a high level introduction to the basic features and functionality of SUSE OpenStack Cloud.

Check out and download our brand new SUSE OpenStack Cloud 3 Admin Image in SUSE Studio. This image incorporates the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 3.0 Deployment Guide and automates it through a simple script. It is pre-populated with all of the right media in order to speed things up for deployment.

Interested in becoming a partner? Email us at to start the process, or register in our Partner Program, PartnerNet. There is no charge to register.

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