SUSE Cloud Partners

SUSE is partnering with leading cloud technology companies, so customers have any additional resources they need to build-out their cloud infrastructure and take full advantage of their investment. Open APIs allow third-parties to easily integrate their solutions with SUSE Cloud.

Technology Partners

  • Cloud Cruiser

    Cloud Cruiser delivers a comprehensive suite of applications to map and measure resource usage independent of computing environment. It allocates costs based on IT-defined criteria, and provides flexible and in-depth reporting of that usage. Cloud Cruiser enables business intelligence from many different levels and perspectives to give you the optimization and chargeback information that you require for your cloud. No matter where your data resides—on a legacy system, co-location, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid—or who you are—a cloud provider, cloud manager, financial analyst or end user—Cloud Cruiser is the single solution for your cloud.

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  • Inktank

    Inktank is the company behind Ceph—the massively scalable, open source, distributed storage system. Launched by some of the leading developers of Ceph, Inktank's mission is to help organizations fully leverage the transformative power of Ceph to decrease storage costs, increase operational flexibility and free themselves from restrictive and expensive proprietary storage systems. Inktank provides best-in-class professional services and support offerings to enterprises, service providers, and cloud platforms.

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  • WSO2

    WSO2 is the lean enterprise middleware company. It delivers the only complete open source enterprise SOA middleware stack purpose-built as an integrated platform to support today’s heterogeneous enterprise environments—internally and in the cloud. WSO2’s service and support team is led by technical experts who have proven success in deploying enterprise SOAs and contribute to the technology standards that enable them.

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Service Partners

  • B1 Systems

    B1 Systems delivers open source software consulting, training, support, and development services for enterprises around the globe.

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  • cloudTP

    Cloud Technology Partners (cloudTP) is the leader in transforming businesses with cloud solutions. From strategic transformational consulting to application implementation, cloudTP provides enterprises with solutions to plan and execute migration of business processes, applications and customer data to private, public or hybrid clouds. By doing this, companies are able to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, accelerate business growth and increase their competitive advantage.

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  • DetaCloud

    DetaCloud delivers enterprise class private and hybrid cloud solutions built on open-source technologies such as OpenStack, effectively bridging public-clouds with on-premise private-cloud infrastructure, allowing companies to detach from vendors and service providers lockdown.

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  • Fairbanks NV

    Fairbanks is a leading IT specialist with distinctive expertise delivering cloud computing and virtualization solutions for medium to large organizations every day.

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