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Reduce downtime of critical operations.

SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications is a platform that includes high availability and security features to limit downtime of SAP systems including those for NetWeaver applications, SAP HANA and S/4HANA. It delivers the following built-in features to reduce downtime:

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension
SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension (HA certified by SAP) provides an integrated clustering solution for physical and virtual Linux deployments, enabling the implementation of highly available Linux clusters and eliminating single points of failure. You have the flexibility to configure and deploy your choice of multiple HA/DR scenarios for SAP HANA and applications on-premise or in the public cloud.

SAP HANA resource agents
Resource agents (SAPHana and SAPHanaTopology) enhance the SAP HANA system replications setup. This feature automates the takeover in SAP HANA system replication setups for scale up and scale out deployments, reducing data recovery time for large in-memory datasets from hours to minutes. As a result, they reduce the length and the number of interruptions when you use both your business-critical SAP systems and also your SAP HANA databases. Configuring the automated takeover is integrated with SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension.

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Full operating system rollback
The full system rollback feature of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server gives SAP customers better resiliency. It lets you take snapshots of the system, including the kernel files, and roll back as needed. Because the bootloader is now integrated into the rollback process, system administrators can boot from a snapshot, enhancing fault recovery and change tracking and comparison and improving data safety. When you upgrade to a new service pack for your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the full system rollback capability minimizes the risk and allows you to rollback easily.

SAP HANA Firewall
Secure SAP HANA in-memory systems with a built-in firewall that can be automatically configured, or easily set-up with a wizard.

Encryption management
Protect data in remote data centers with enhanced encryption management for dedicated storage volumes. A built-in remote key server encrypts the SAP filesystem or HANA data volumes on a landscape of hundreds or thousands of servers, and each one can communicate with the key server we provide to fetch a key or certificate to unlock the volumes automatically. There are security measures included for the master key server to validate the right key goes to the server. The Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) is implemented to support third-party key servers.

Live Linux kernel patching
Live patching technology is delivered through SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching as a separately purchased subscription to complement SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. Using live patching you can update the Linux kernel with security patches without rebooting machines or waiting for the next service window. Stopping the kernel is problematic for low-latency applications such as transactional databases. SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching doesn't stop the system during patching, so it reduces the lengthy downtime of recovering huge in-memory databases like SAP HANA.

“Since implementing the new [SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications] architecture, we have experienced no downtime and have not once had to restart the server during working hours—we are achieving close to ‘five nines’ availability.”

Manish Sinha
Head of IT, Vectus Industries