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Minimize the time and effort to migrate to S/4HANA and deploy SAP landscapes.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is a unified solution that includes application installation, migration and superior support. You can eliminate headaches of managing multiple OS solutions by leveraging a single Linux distribution that supports SAP HANA, NetWeaver and other applications.

The following features enable faster deployment of SAP systems:

S/4HANA transition
Support for the Microsoft Desktop Product environment provides a familiar interface for NetWeaver and SAP HANA administrators who need to transition those landscapes on Microsoft Windows to S/4HANA which runs exclusively on Linux. There is also documentation that includes a guide to executing common Windows commands in Linux. Enhanced Active Directory integration supports both Linux and Microsoft user IDs and passwords, eliminating the need to rebuild or duplicate accounts.

Installation wizard
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications provides an end-to-end installation framework that enables an integrated, unattended and automated installation workflow for validated SAP solutions. The installation interface gives administrators a guided workflow including tuning parameters for SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver. This allows you to easily optimize your SAP systems for better performance.

Installation configuration package
SAP application installations include a lot of parameters to be configured to meet the prerequisites required by the installation guides. This requires reading the many different documents found in various SAP Notes. SUSE provides the “sapconf” package to quickly and accurately configure SAP applications for optimal performance and the SAP high availability stack, including support for SAP HANA tailored datacenter integration (TDI) deployments.

SUSE Manager integration
The SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications installation wizard integrates with SUSE Manager providing a single pane of glass to configure and manage SAP environments.

SUSE Connect Program
SUSE Connect gives you access to download and evaluate complementary SAP solutions from the SUSE partner ecosystem of products and services listing, including the option of automated installation. For more information and a list of partners in the program go to www.suse.com/suseconnect.

SUSE Package Hub
Leverage and contribute to open source innovation with open source community SUSE-validated SAP applications packages built using Open Build Service (OBS) and additional software available from SUSE’s PackageHub.

Support for cloud deployments
License your SAP applications to run in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing environment. SUSE and SAP have optimized SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for the pre-configured solutions in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library and have delivered a seamless automated installation process that eases deployment and speeds time to value for customers using SAP Systems on Amazon EC2.

Enterprise-class support
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications offers you integrated 24 x 7 Priority Support and maintenance through SAP Solution Manager from both SUSE and SAP. This allows you to quickly resolve deployment problems with the OS and SAP applications at the same time. Plus, every SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications subscription includes Extended Service Pack Overlap Support, which means you get service pack support for a full 18 months. That's 12 months more than the standard 6-month grace period. Learn about your Support options.