SUSE Embedded Systems Management

Manage and secure your infrastructure faster and with less work using the systems management tools in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server delivers a comprehensive set of time-saving installation, configuration, deployment and administration tools. With help from these server management tools, you can efficiently manage and secure your IT infrastructure. You can ensure your systems deliver maximum value to the business. These graphical and text-based tools manage single servers and groups of servers, and operate locally as well as remotely. They take a lot of the headache out of Linux server management, and make it easy to install and configure services, and patch and update your systems.

YaST: Single Linux Server Management

Included in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is YaST®, a powerful suite of graphical tools for installation and configuration. You can use YaST to simplify installation and configure networks easily. YaST helps you implement the robust open source services included with the operating system—such as file and print, DNS, DHCP and Apache web services, both physical and virtual. You can also use open APIs to write YaST plug-ins for your own applications. And what's more, plug-ins for key third-party software, such as SAP applications and Oracle databases, come prepackaged with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

AutoYaST: Automated Linux Systems Management for Large Enterprises

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server also includes AutoYaST, which makes life much easier for large enterprises. AutoYaST uses control files to extend the functionality of YaST to larger groups of systems that share a similar environment and similar (but not necessarily identical) hardware, and perform similar tasks. With AutoYaST, you can deploy groups or subsets of fully configured systems in parallel and without user intervention. Thus, AutoYaST dramatically shortens installation times and reduces administration costs for enterprise software rollouts.

ZYpp: Software Management Subsystem

Included in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is ZYpp, the leading software management subsystem. ZYpp is at the core of the new software management stack powering YaST, the new command line package manager Zypper, and ZENworks Linux Management. It provides you with effective package management and a convenient, standards-based package management API.

ZYpp enables you to quickly and easily search for, install, remove, and update packages. Thanks to intelligent dependency resolution algorithms, it is the fastest update stack available on any Linux enterprise distribution. Systems that would have taken minutes or hours to update now take just seconds or minutes, saving you precious administration time.

CIM Standards

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is instrumented in accordance with the Distributed Management Task Force's (DMTF) Common Information Model (CIM) standard. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes a small footprint CIM broker (SFCB) to manage communication between the management clients and CIM providers. This communication is written against the Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI) and Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) specification. By adhering to these standards, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can be managed by a wide range of third-party and SUSE solutions that support the CIM standard. This drives down the cost of managing mixed IT environments that include Linux, Windows, and UNIX systems.

SUSE Manager

SUSE Manager delivers best-in-class capabilities that enable enterprises to comprehensively manage SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and related product extensions. SUSE Manager provides automated and cost-effective software management, asset management, system provisioning and monitoring capabilities. SUSE Manager is built for Linux. It uses familiar logic, terminology, and tools such as the ZYpp package management stack and AutoYaST. Its advanced functionality includes the ability to centrally push updates to server groups. It can track changes made to servers, so if an administrator makes an error or wants to reprovision servers to an earlier state they can rapidly roll-back to a previous version or configuration. SUSE Manager can also natively interface with KVM and Xen to automate the creation and installation of new virtual machines and once deployed remotely start, stop, and redeploy virtual machines. Additionally, the solution allows for the easy tracking of server health and will deliver notifications when predefined performance thresholds are exceeded. SUSE Manager's robust capabilities enables the easy management of Linux server deployments across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. As a result, enterprises can decrease total cost of ownership while improving compliance and service quality.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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