High Performance Computing Customers

  • Audi

    To accelerate design cycles and minimise physical prototyping costs, Audi makes intensive use of computer-aided engineering (CAE), including crash simulation, virtual wind tunnels and other computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models. Audi runs several large clusters of servers for high-performance computing for two separate solutions—one in crash simulation and one in aerodynamics and CFD—the operating system in each winning bid was SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

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    One of the world's largest deployments of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on HP Integrity Servers. At CESGA (Centro de Supercomputacion de Galicia) HP and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server are advancing high-performance computing. CESGA powers scientific research on one of the world's fastest supercomputers: an HP Cluster Platform system with 143 HP Integrity servers, SUSE Linux Enterprise and a 390TB HP StorageWorks SFS system.

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  • Leibniz-Rechenzentrum

    Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Garching, Germany is the home of Europe's most powerful supercomputer, SuperMUC. Used to solve difficult scientific questions in physics and fluid dynamics, SuperMUC, powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, ranks number four in the June 2012 TOP500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers. SuperMUC is a System X iDataPlex from IBM and is equipped with more than 155,000 processor cores, which deliver an aggregate peak performance of more than 3 Petaflops of computing power.

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  • NASA

    NASA runs three of its supercomputers on SUSE Linux Enterprise. The RTJones Cluster is an SGI ALTIX-based supercomputer and one of multiple systems selected to evaluate next-generation technology to meet NASA's future supercomputing requirements. The Columbia supercluster, also based on an SGI ALTIX system, makes it possible for NASA to achieve breakthroughs in science and engineering. The Cray Opteron Cluster, a 64-node cluster, is the latest addition to the set of high-end computing resources at the NASA facility.

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  • Porsche

    Technical Services helped Porsche Informatik deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on approximately 50 Intel-based servers from IBM and HP. The new Linux environment supports a number of application and database clusters for the CROSS2 automotive dealer management system. Although reducing the total cost of operations was an important factor in the decision to move to SUSE Linux Enterprise, Porsche Informatik's main objective was to provide a highly reliable platform that could deliver crucial services 24x7.

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  • TITech

    TITech envisioned building a supercomputer grid system that functioned as the central computing resource on the campus, giving all of its more than 10,000 students open access to one of the most advanced supercomputers in the world. TSUBAME, the system build on SUSE Linux Enterprise, in terms of performance and scalability delivers 85 Teraflops of computing power and currently ranks number twenty four in the world and number four in Asia among supercomputers (www.top500.org/lists/2008/06). It also features 655 nodes and 10,480 CPUs, the most of any PC cluster-based supercomputer in the world.

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  • Wehmeyer

    The combination of Oracle RAC 10g and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server gives Wehmeyer a reliable, scalable, cost-effective and high-performance environment for its core store management and sales support applications. The grid architecture adds a layer of redundancy to the infrastructure, making the business less vulnerable to component or network failures, and ensuring that vital systems are available at all times. Clustering has reduced potential downtime for business users from 30 minutes to just a few seconds.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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