Get More Done with the Most Versatile Linux Platform

Supports 10,000+ ISV applications versions, runs on multiple hardware platforms and interoperates with Windows and UNIX.

This server OS supports thousands of applications in virtual and cloud environments as well as industry-standard hardware.

Designed to deliver essential data center services with commodity off-the-shelf IT resources, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the versatile Linux platform that pleases both business users and IT managers. This Linux server OS supports thousands of third-party ISV applications—and enables them to run in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server also interoperates with two other operating systems often used in today's data centers, Windows and UNIX. Optional extensions deliver advanced functionality. As a result, you can integrate SUSE Linux Enterprise Server seamlessly into mixed IT infrastructures, continue to run your existing applications and add new capabilities as your business needs change.

Runs Almost Every Application

Why do more than 19,000 businesses worldwide use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server? Our versatile Linux server OS supports more than 10,000 third-party ISV applications. That's more than what Red Hat offers, and our list of supported software keeps growing.

Certified and supported software for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes everything from mission-critical databases, e-commerce applications and ERP systems, to e-mail, file and print servers and web servers. Today, over 70% of all SAP applications for Linux run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

For the complete list of certified software applications for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (all versions), please visit

Runs on Nearly Every Processor and Device

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is right at home in today’s data centers, which house a wide variety of systems and platforms. Most leading hardware vendors support our Linux server OS, so you can save money by using your existing physical servers or new, low-cost commodity hardware.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is supported on these five processor architectures:

  • x86 (32-bit)
  • x86_64 (64-bit)
  • Itanium (Itanium II or newer)
  • IBM z/Architecture (64-bit)

Our enterprise Linux server OS also supports more than 500 additional processors, chipsets, storage systems and networking devices. This ensures you can run Linux in any data center and get more utilization out of the low-cost, commercial hardware you already own.

For a complete list of certified hardware for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (all versions), please visit

Supports Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments

To get more from their existing resources and achieve greater business agility, organizations increasingly are moving workloads to virtual environments and the cloud. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the flexible operating platform for physical, virtual and cloud computing that's supported by today's leading technology vendors.

SUSE has partnered with both Microsoft and VMware to optimize SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on each company's hypervisor technology (Hyper-V and vSphere respectively). As a result, you can count on consistent performance and streamlined support when you use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Hyper-V or vSphere. Additionally, both Microsoft and VMware exclusively recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to their customers who run Linux servers.

Looking for a powerful yet affordable way to virtualize workloads? Every subscription to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes commercial support for Xen and Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). It also includes commercial support for Linux Containers. More and more enterprises are using these open source technologies to create and deploy virtualized infrastructure.

Still debating whether to move workloads and services to the cloud? SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is no stranger to cloud computing. It includes tools for creating purpose-built operating system images along with cloud-ready workloads and appliances. In fact, well-known public cloud infrastructures, like Amazon EC2, offer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on-demand.

Interoperates with Windows and UNIX

SUSE also offers modular extensions that supply advanced capabilities for supporting your infrastructure. And because these extensions are optional, you pay only for the functionality your business needs.

Extensions for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server include:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension: This affordable, integrated suite of open source technologies enables you to deploy highly available physical and virtual Linux clusters. Used with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, it helps maintain business continuity, protect data integrity and reduce unplanned downtime.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension: This extension turns the general-purpose Linux operating system into a fully supported, real-time operating system. It reduces the latency of time-sensitive mission-critical applications while increasing their predictability and reliability.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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