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Create and support agile IT infrastructure using the latest container applications JeOS for rapid deployment & provisioning, and precise upgrades of specific components with modules.

  • Improve the agility of your IT infrastructure with the latest container innovations. Using SUSE CaaS Platform, your teams can easily and securely collaborate for creating container apps, integrate container applications with cloud, or quickly deploy containers using a minimized host OS.
  • Adapt to new technologies with support of new cutting-edge hardware architectures - ARM AArch64 and Raspberry Pi. Open the doors for broad hardware and virtualization support with higher compute density, less power consumption and economical hardware using new ARM based SoC systems.
  • Deploy what you need with a platform designed for today’s agile environments. Deploy container based applications in your cloud or virtualized data centers with JeOS (pronounced /jōōs/, just like “juice”), a perfect just enough host OS.
  • Quickly and easily implement new functionality using Modules without changing the core OS. Update the components without changing the base, so you can balance the flexibility of the modules with the stability of your infrastructure, using the new modular design of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.
  • Create reproducible builds across architectures and Linux distributions using Open Build Service technology.
  • Easily get latest packages/technologies using new Package Hub integration with SUSE Customer Center (SCC) that helps customers to seamlessly get Modules and package updates.
  • Reduce human error & save time using Rollback that enables going back to a good state at click of a button and easily upgrade to desired service pack using “skip service packs.”
  • Track & manage configurations using Salt integrated in base platform. Salt, available in the Advanced Systems Management module, provides a very scalable, fast and secure way of communicating with systems in real time. In addition, you can seamlessly integrate with SUSE Manager to take full advantage of Salt’s configuration management capabilities.
  • Accelerate creation of modern web applications using PHP7 & Node.js support that is available out-of-the-box as part of Web and Scripting module.