SUSE Linux Enterprise Renewal Process FAQ

What is a SUSE Linux Enterprise subscription?

There are generally two models of software purchase in common use today: the proprietary license model or the open source subscription model. In the proprietary model you pay a significant upfront license fee, followed by a smaller annual maintenance fee. Compare this to the open source subscription model where there are no large up front license fees, but instead a smaller annual service charge for access to the code, service pack releases, new product versions, updates, maintenance fixes and support.

What is included in my SUSE Linux Enterprise subscription?

SUSE Linux Enterprise subscriptions are sold for one or three year durations. A subscription entitles you to updates, new product releases, maintenance and installation support. Renewing your subscription ensures that you continue to receive these benefits. The two levels of subscriptions are Standard and Priority. Depending on your subscription level, your level of support can range from electronic (web and email), to three tiers of telephone support to onsite dedicated support professionals. Please visit our subscription overview page for more information on our support options.

I have not used maintenance or installation support in the past 12 months, so do I have to renew my subscription?

SUSE prides itself on the quality and reliability of its enterprise software and we are glad to hear that you have not needed additional assistance from us. However, by not updating your system you may be vulnerable to new security risks and may be missing the opportunity to better optimize your system. Renewing your subscription will ensure that you have uninterrupted access to important security updates and other improvements to keep your systems running efficiently, reliably and safely.

An active subscription ensures:

  • Ability to deploy Linux on your desktops and in your data center with complete confidence as all subscriptions are certified against the latest hardware and enterprise software.
  • Choice of flexible support service offerings including Standard and Priority server subscriptions that offer SUSE's award-winning customer support as well as individual bug fixes.
  • Efficient delivery of innovative and timely maintenance updates, service pack releases, and security and bug fixes—to keep your system safe and secure.
  • Clear upgrade path to new versions of the SUSE Linux Enterprise family of products and opportunity to participate in beta testing.
  • Access to the Customer Center guaranteeing you uninterrupted access to the newest functionality and the best hardware support.

How much does it cost to renew?

For pricing information for your subscription renewal, please contact the sales representative or partner from whom you originally purchased your subscription. For more information on pricing and how to buy click here. If you would like someone to contact you then .

If I don't renew, can I continue to use the software?

Yes. The enterprise software is governed by the General Public License (GPL) which states you may continue to use the software even after your subscription has expired. However, you will not have access to:

  • Installation support from SUSE
  • Security patches
  • Software updates
  • Support for certified software applications like SAP, or support for certified hardware running on an expired subscription

My subscription has lapsed, can I still renew?

Absolutely. To renew your subscription, contact your SUSE partner or sales representative. If you would like someone to contact you then .

What happens if I decide to renew after a number years? Am I charged for past years?

No. We are glad you recognize the value of a subscription and there is no penalty for past years. Subscriptions are not back dated.

I originally acquired SUSE Linux Enterprise Server via an OEM bundle with my server hardware from a vendor like Dell/HP/IBM. So do I renew my subscription with them after the first year?

You can choose the vendor with whom you would like to renew your subscription. You may renew through your original hardware manufacturer, through another SUSE partner, or directly through SUSE. In order to continue to receive subscription benefits please contact a SUSE sales representative or to have someone contact you.

Will I receive new media if I renew my subscription?

No, when you renew your subscription you will not receive new media. Instead your access to the SUSE Linux Enterprise patch and update service, as well as your technical support entitlements, are extended. You can verify these extensions in the Customer Center.

What do I do once I've receive my renewal key?

Go to and enter the new key value that serves as your activation code.

How do I access the latest updates, patches, or security alerts for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server?

Go to for the latest updates, upgrades, and patches. Apply them to your systems as needed.

I purchased SUSE Linux Professional, SUSE Linux 10.x, or openSUSE, can I renew it?

SUSE Linux Professional, SUSE Linux 10.x, and openSUSE are not sold on a subscription basis and therefore cannot be renewed annually. However, you can purchase a subscription for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop which are built on the same kernel and passes through rigorous quality assurance procedures before it is released. Click here to see how to purchase.

Which versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise are covered in my subscription?

Subscriptions cover multiple versions of the respective SUSE Linux Enterprise based product, within the version specific General Support Product Lifecycle (see

How can I renew?

You have multiple options to renew your SUSE Linux Enterprise subscription:

Contact SUSE

If you need an immediate answer, please .

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