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Respond more rapidly to changing market conditions and business needs and maximize your revenue opportunities.

If your firm can respond more quickly to new information and changing market conditions, you have a distinct advantage over those that cannot. Running your time-sensitive, mission-critical applications using SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time reduces process dispatch latencies, and gives you the time advantage you need to make more money or avoid further financial losses, ahead of your competitors.

Real time achieves these lower latencies with a pre-emptible real time kernel, together with the ability to identify which specific application threads are high priority processes. The incorporation of high resolution timers in the real time kernel allows for more fine grained measurement of time slices, further enabling lower latency.

In this real time environment, user specified processes can be assigned the highest priority, ensuring that they will execute without delay, ahead of other system processes. Neither will they be interrupted by other system processes, including things like spinlocks and hard and soft interrupts, which once started, are not interruptible in general purpose operating systems.

It introduces interrupt handling at the per device level. With the added flexibility of more fine-grained per device level control, system administrators can more easily and effectively reduce system latencies, ensure predictability, and optimize performance.