Greater visibility

Easily analyze the behavior of your time critical applications, identify bottlenecks and improve performance.

In some cases, system latencies cannot be further reduced due to performance bottlenecks that are the result of the way an application was written, or limitations in an application's architecture. Adding to this challenge, these performance bottlenecks and limiting constraints are difficult to pinpoint precisely, keeping you from maximizing the overall responsiveness of your low latency systems.

Included with SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension are tracing and debugging tools that allow you to non-intrusively analyze the run-time behavior of your time-sensitive mission-critical applications. By using the Real Time Extension together with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and these tools, you can easily identify resource bottlenecks, and target specific areas for improvement.

It delivers improved visibility with new hardware latency detectors and reporting capabilities. Latency bottlenecks cause by hardware BIOS (e.g. system management interrupts) can now be more easily identified, while histograms can be used to prioritize latency reduction and optimize performance across the entire hardware and software stack.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension

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