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Increase the availability of your mission-critical applications, and meet your service level agreements.

Two commonly understood strategies for implementing highly available systems and processes are to use more reliable hardware and software, or to introduce more system and component redundancy.

Applications that use SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time are more reliable than the same applications running on a general purpose operating system, especially under heavy system loads. When system demands are both variable and unpredictable, you can get higher availability from your mission-critical applications by running them with SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time, ensuring that you meet your quality of service targets and service level agreements.

The same real-time operating system technologies that reduce system latency and ensure predictability are also the ones that deliver enhanced reliability. By shielding key hardware resources from extraneous threads and processes, and by assigning only your critical, high priority processes to run on them, you can ensure that your high priority processes will always exhibit predictable performance, regardless of the overall load on the system and the remaining unshielded resources.