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Ensure critical business processes complete in time, each and every time, and deliver high quality of service, even under heavy system loads.

Timing is everything. In some cases, predictability of response times is even more important than absolute speed and how fast it takes for a process or application thread to execute. Real Time ensures that it takes the exact same time to complete, each and every time.

Certain process control applications, computer simulations, and high performance risk management algorithms require the precise synchronization of intermediate execution threads in order for the system as a whole to function properly. You can get better performance from these time sensitive applications, through greater predictability, when you use SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time.

The ability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time to shield or "reserve" key system resources for high priority processes, together with its pre-emptible real time kernel, is what ensures greater predictability of your time-sensitive mission-critical applications. You can be confident that your time-critical applications do not experience resource contention, or unwanted process interrupts that could contribute to increased variability in response and execution times.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time includes enhancements to the real-time scheduler and locking mechanisms, which enhance performance while maintaining predictability. The spinlocks in Real Time have been modified to reduce operating system context switching times, dramatically improving the performance of throughput sensitive workloads.

An adaptive locking algorithm for kernel locks allows tasks to wait in a pre-emptible manner, instead of immediately releasing the CPU when waiting on a contended resource. These adaptive locks effectively decrease the number of context switches on the system, increasing throughput while simultaneously decreasing latency for certain applications.