Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE)

RKE is a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution that solves common installation complexities of Kubernetes by removing most host dependencies, presenting a stable path for deployment, upgrades & rollbacks.


Automate Your Kubernetes Operations

RKE’s operation of Kubernetes is easily automated and entirely independent of the operating system and platform you’re running. You can use RKE to build a cluster from a single command in a few minutes.

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CNCF Certification

RKE's CNCF certification means that every release supports the same APIs as upstream Kubernetes. Giving enterprises the confidence that their Kubernetes resources are portable between RKE and other certified distributions.

Vendor Independence

RKE is not locked into a specific vendor operating system, Kubernetes Management Platform or proprietary tooling. Users have freedom of choice to choose which technology vendors they utilize as part of their Kubernetes strategy.

Safe, Atomic Upgrades

Since RKE is built using containers, it doesn’t have any touch points with the underlying operating system beyond the container engine. Containers make it easy to upgrade to a new version and to roll back to the previous version if necessary.

Top 3 Features

Fast, versatile and simple to install Kubernetes distribution from bare-metal to virtualized servers.

Simplified installation

Installation is easy via a single binary and uses a single YAML file. This means even non-experts can deploy Kubernetes with a single command. The command connects to remote hosts via SSH, so Rancher or any staff member with SSH access can deploy and manage RKE instances anywhere in the world.

Automated Operation

When used with Rancher, operators can perform automated installation and upgrades of RKE clusters with just a few clicks.


The latest generation of RKE - RKE2 - adopts a compliance-based approach towards security and targets standard risk management frameworks and best practices aiming to build a stronger defense for cloud-native apps.

24x7 Enterprise-level Support

Get around-the-clock support from technical experts when you need it when RKE and RKE2 is deployed with Rancher.

RKE Government

Built for US government agencies, RKE Government is a hardened, FIPS-enabled alternative to RKE. It adopts a compliance-based approach towards security and targets standard risk management frameworks and best practices aiming to build stronger defense for cloud-native apps.

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Quick Start

Built by the Rancher engineering team, RKE is a free open-source Kubernetes distribution. Follow along with our quick start guide to get started in a few easy steps.

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