Superior RAS on Linux

Linux on Power offers enhanced RAS capabilities not commonly found in other 32- and 64-bit Linux x86 environments.

UNIX is known for its reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS). Advanced Linux systems, such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, have closed that gap to deliver RAS on par with UNIX, and outpaced traditional UNIX systems in all other aspects. Read more on UNIX to Linux ›

With IBM Power processor-based systems you get RAS characteristics not commonly found in server families running the Linux OS and your mission-critical applications see a higher level of support than in other 32- or 64-bit x86 Linux environments. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server exposes key RAS tenets of the Power platform, supporting IBM Power's RAS capabilities such as hardware redundancy and live partition migration from one managed system to another, and provides the only Linux-based high availability offering available for IBM Power Systems.

Supported PowerLinux technologies and their associated benefits include:

  • High Availability—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Power provides our industry leading High Availability Extension to create a highly reliable solution based on the leading open source technology. If you need to activate your High Availability Extension, go here. More ›
  • Active Memory Sharing—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server fully supports PowerVM's Active Memory Sharing, an advanced memory virtualization technology which intelligently flows memory from one partition to another for increased utilization and flexibility of memory usage.
  • Shared Processor Pools—Transparently shares processing power between logical partitions (LPARs) to maximize utilization of your hardware resources.
  • Live Partition Mobility—Supports PowerVM Enterprise Edition's ability to maximize application availability by moving your workload to better balance system resources and uptime.
  • Dynamic LPAR—Dynamic control over precious system resources to maximize performance.

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