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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a high performance operating system on IBM Power.

The Power platform is known for its ability to achieve high performance, high capacity and near-linear scaling. IBM Power, combined with the Linux operating system, is a natural choice for high-performance computing workloads. And SUSE Linux Enterprise Server competes with UNIX for the title of the fastest operating system on IBM Power—proven once again by recent SPEC benchmarks.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Power you get the benefits of an industry standard Linux operating system combined with the proven performance and reliability of the IBM Power platform. Built on the same common code base that powers both the x86_64 and System z platforms, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Power is ready to support your most mission critical infrastructure, middleware and cloud computing challenges.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is ready to fully support IBM's high performance Power portfolio including IBM Flex System Power processor—based compute nodes, IBM PowerLinux and IBM Power Systems. It is a proven platform for open source Infrastructure Services like DNS, DHCP, SAMBA and LDAP as well as mission critical workloads such as businesses analytics, big data and SAP applications.

  • Leverage industry standard technologies such as MPIO, PCI and FCoE with the unique processing capabilities of IBM's Power processors, just like IBM Watson. More ›
  • OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) provides improved performance by reducing latency through wire-speed messaging to fast I/O storage systems.
  • YaST: Single Linux Server Management – No other Linux server is easier to deploy, configure or maintain. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM Power ships with YaST, a powerful, integrated Linux tool for installation, configuration and system administration.
  • Linux 3.0 Kernel includes numerous features and power-management capabilities that enable you to get the maximum performance from your systems, including scheduler enhancements which allow you to tune performance for your workload and "tickless idle," a kernel feature that eliminates periodic timer ticks when system CPUs are idle, reducing overall system power consumption and saving money.

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