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Accelerate innovation and improve deployment times.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for POWER delivers features that enable faster time to market with innovative open source community and partner solutions. Some of this features and benefits include:

Support for IBM POWER Little Endian Mode, PowerVM and KVM
Confidently migrate UNIX and Windows Server applications and data to open source Linux on IBM Power Systems with full support with virtualization technologies. KVM support for Power Systems S822LC servers is available as a technical preview.

Update the components without changing the base using the new modular design of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, so you can balance the flexibility of the modules with the stability of your infrastructure. This can be especially beneficial for solution areas like Containers and High Performance Computing where innovation moves at a rapid pace. Learn more about Modules.

Package Hub
Freedom of choice: Build the solution that meets your needs from a vast ecosystem of certified hardware and software partner solutions for IBM Power Systems servers. Leverage packages built and maintained by the open source community of users, approved by SUSE with Package Hub. Learn more about Package Hub.

Open vSwitch (Software-defined Networking)
As enterprises move workloads from physical to virtual systems, they need virtual networking on the hosts that provides the same advanced functions as a physical switch. Open vSwitch is a virtual switch for hypervisors, providing network connectivity to virtual machines. It optimizes networking in a virtual environment, making it a building block for software-defined networking (SDN).

Zypper Management Tools
Optimize lifecycle management and save time with a comprehensive set of installation, configuration, deployment and administration tools powered by Zypper.

SUSE SolidDriver Program
The SUSE SolidDriver program accelerates the adoption of new technologies by removing complexities and risks associated with deploying kernel drivers. It gives customers an easy way to identify fully compatible and supported software code.

Certified Applications
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server supports a wide variety of third-party ISV applications. For the complete list of certified software applications for SUSE Linux Enterprise (all versions), please visit www.suse.com/susePSC/home.

Efficient Package Management
Managing package installations and resolving dependencies can be a nightmare. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes ZYpp, the fastest update stack available on any enterprise distribution. System updates that once took hours now take just minutes. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server supports a snapshot and rollback feature for package management and administrative tasks. This is accomplished by integrating the options of a btrfs file system (without the ZYpp stack) and the open source tool Snapper, resulting in simpler handling of btrfs snapshots.

New YaST/AutoYaST
Save time and effort in managing local systems with a tool that’s easy-to-use and consistent in its user experience. In SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, the popular, user-friendly YaST gives you the capability to customize your system quickly during and after the installation. YaST is now written in Ruby so it’s more open and easily customized. AutoYaST extends the YaST functionalities to larger numbers of systems, letting you deploy server subsets or entire groups—even unattended.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 introduces an installer that saves time with faster installation and fewer reboots in the workflow. Its Ruby scripts allow partners to embed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server into their solutions more smoothly.

System Roles
System Roles enables system administrators to configure Power Systems server filesystems faster with templates that are specific to the primary function of that server. These predefined installation pattern templates could be for a variety of configurations including database servers, virtualization host/guest configurations, or for installation options.

Wicked is a local network management tool that makes it easy to manage ever-more-complicated network configurations such as VLAN, virtualization, bridging, bonding and IPv6. Wicked, which originated in the "wicked" project, enables you to change configuration dynamically, thus providing network configuration as a service. Wicked allows you to import existing configuration files from older Linux operating system versions. You can perform standard configurations via the easy-to-use YaST interface.

SUSE Customer Center (SCC)
SUSE Customer Center is the new portal to centrally manage your SUSE subscriptions, access software updates and contact SUSE Customer Support. The user-friendly interface gives you a central view of all your SUSE subscriptions, allowing you to easily find the information you need. The streamlined registration flow gives you faster access to your patches and updates. And if you have any support requests or feedback, SUSE Customer Center is the place to go.

The Subscription Management Tool (SMT)
The Subscription Management Tool is our proxy solution to help large organizations centrally receive patches and updates for their SUSE Linux Enterprise software. It provides our customers a way to easily migrate and gain much simpler and faster access to updates and patches. SMT is also the prescribed way for large organizations to gain the benefits of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Modules. Systems management functionality beyond a pure proxy is provided by SUSE Manager.

The next-generation Internet Protocol version 6 specification (IPv6), the successor to IPv4, can provide far more address space for device connection. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 natively supports IPv6, such as during installation. With IPv6 support, you can connect to next-generation network equipment.

Interactive and Unattended Upgrades
Using this feature, system administrators can quickly and easily upgrade their SUSE Linux Enterprise Server operating systems, reducing downtime, lowering administrative costs and improving quality. In fact, SUSE Linux Enterprise supports (manual) major version upgrades for 10 years. With YaST, you can interactively prepare a suitable profile and then use AutoYaST to automatically upgrade groups of servers.

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