SUSE Linux Enterprise HPC 15 ARM

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 provides the following products and extensions

System Requirements

Minimum Linux server system requirements for installation

  • Local Installation: 1024 MiB RAM, 512 MiB Swap recommended
  • 2 GiB available disk space (more recommended, 8.5 GiB for all patterns)
  • 32 GiB for snapshot/rollback of the OS

Recommendations for specific uses

  • 1 GiB to 8 GiB RAM, at least 512 MiB per CPU
  • 8 GiB hard-disk space, 32 GiB for snapshot/rollback of the OS
  • Network interface (Ethernet)
  • For management servers (head nodes) - additional network interfaces for cluster access and multiple disks to store images and various databases
  • For a compute nodes - additional and faster processors, additional RAM to handle HPC workloads, faster interconnects (Infiniband, OmniPath*)
  • For file servers - additional memory and disks, or a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) system to improve I/O throughput

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