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Eliminate your anxiety over data loss. SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension's real-time synchronization quickly restores clustered services and its intelligent locking mechanisms maintain data integrity.

Use your existing IT infrastructure and our applications to ensure data integrity.
All companies use data, and do their best to ensure that sensitive company information and intellectual property are secure. With SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension, you can protect your data assets using your existing IT infrastructure, minimizing data loss due to corruption or failure. SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability delivers continuous, real time replication of data, which means that multiple copies of data are available at all times. The ability to incrementally synchronize large databases and data repositories reduces data recovery times. And built-in locking mechanisms make sure that only one application can access shared storage at a time, to ensure data integrity.

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension includes support for distributed replicated block devices. Delivered with SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension is DRBD, a leading open source networked disk management tool. Using DRBD, you can build single partitions from multiple disks that mirror each other, and make data highly available. You can also quickly restore your clustered services via its fast data resynchronization capabilities. DRBD mirrors the data from the active node of a high availability cluster to its standby node. DRBD supports both synchronous and asynchronous mirroring. In the event of an outage, DRBD automatically resynchronizes the temporarily unavailable node to the latest version of data, without interfering with the service that is running. Additionally, DRBD includes data compression algorithms that reduce replication times.

SAN-based cluster-concurrent RAID1 and live storage migration (host based mirroring) as well as node recovery with ReaR, a popular open source disaster recovery framework, are also integrated into SUSE Linux High Availability Extension. This complete Linux clustering solution reduces recovery time and ensures your current data is always available.