Decode infrastructure complexity with Harvester and SUSE Rancher

Efficiently manage virtualized and containerized workloads together with Harvester and SUSE Rancher. Natively integrated in the SUSE Rancher console, IT operators can now easily manage both virtualized and container workloads alongside each other.

Futureproof your infrastructure stack

Built on the latest cloud-native technology including Kubernetes, Longhorn and Kubevirt, Harvester provides its users with a familiar HCI experience that empowers them with the confidence to innovate across their stack with new cloud-native solutions as they scale.

Capitalize on cloud-native economics

100% open source and free to use, Harvester is providing IT operators with a cost effective, customizable and technology-forward alternative compared to conventional HCI providers.

How is Harvester changing the hyperconverged infrastructure landscape?

Bridging the gap between legacy and cloud-native workloads.

Harvester’s latest integration with SUSE Rancher now allows IT operators to access, manage and navigate the full lifecycle of their virtual machine workloads alongside their containerized clusters all within the SUSE Rancher platform.

  • Reduce their infrastructure’s complexity by consolidating operational platforms
  • Build confidence to scale their environment with modern cloud-native solutions like Kubernetes
  • Encouraging the development of cloud-native applications
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Built on the latest open source cloud-native solutions

Developed and built on Kubernetes, Harvester also incorporates other cloud-native solutions like Longhorn and Kubevirt. Alongside the integration with SUSE Rancher, Harvester’s cloud-native lineage gives experienced Kubernetes users the ability to enhance and customize their HCI operational experience through the Kubernetes API.

  • Encourage innovation and reduce reliance on closed source proprietary solutions
  • Unify environments and extend your infrastructure’s capabilities from core to cloud to edge
  • Futureproof your stack and retain talent to ensure operational continuity
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Modernize your stack with confidence

Reform your organization’s infrastructure costs and resourcing by utilizing cloud-native solutions like Harvester. It is 100% open-source, free to use and production-ready, giving operators a low-risk alternative to traditionally complex and expensive HCI solutions.

  • Designed to use local, direct attached storage, Harvester does not require the integration of complex and costly external SANs systems.
  • No licensing fees, simple integration with other feature rich and open-source solutions like SUSE Rancher
  • Optional additional commercial support is available through SUSE’s support subscriptions for peace of mind
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Deep dive into the general availability release of Harvester

Join SUSE at one of our global launch meetups to celebrate the GA release of Harvester. Hear from our expert team on how Harvester and SUSE Rancher together are helping organizations modernize their infrastructure.

Join a local Harvester launch meetup from January 2022.

Bridging the Legacy IT to Cloud Native Journey with Harvester

Read the latest whitepaper from IDC on how Harvester is innovating across the hyperconverged infrastructure space and helping organizations modernize their stack.

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