Where Do I Start?

Different groups of PC users have different needs—so how do you decide which to move onto Linux first? Because everyone at SUSE uses Linux, we're a little biased, but many of our customers tell us that desktop Linux is a better fit for some users than others.

Click on any of the user types below to learn more about them and to learn which of our desktops is best suited for those users.

Fixed-function User Transactional User Technical Workstation User Office Worker General-Purpose User *

Managed Environment1

Unmanaged Environment2

1 These desktops are typically found in organizations where there is a support organization managing and maintaining the devices.

2 These desktops are typically found in homes or very small businesses where there is no formal centralized management or support organization.

Fixed-function User SUSE
Description: Fixed-function users typically access a single application that provides specific line-of-business functionality, such as a cash register. These machines do not present a desktop or provide any productivity applications, and offer no access to the operating system.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop +


SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service +

Example: A grocery store check-out clerk, a traveler using an airport check-in kiosk, or a bank customer using an ATM machine.


Transactional User SUSE Recommends:

Description: Transactional users primarily work in one or more line-of-business applications, many of which are forms-based. In addition, they often require a basic office suite, e-mail, calendaring and Internet access. These users generally have limited operating system expertise and no need to re-set preferences.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop +

Example: Travel agents, bank tellers.


Technical Workstation User SUSE Recommends:

Description: Technical workstation users run industry-specific, compute-intensive applications such as CAD/CAM on high-performance hardware. They also communicate through e-mail and instant messaging, browse the Internet, and use conventional office productivity applications. Many will have used UNIX workstations in the past.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop +

Example: Mechanical engineers, software developers, feature film animators, financial analysts, oil and gas geoscientists.


Office Worker SUSE Recommends:

Description: Basic office workers make extensive use of their desktop applications to create and modify complex documents for use within and outside of their companies. They require tight integration between the component applications that make up their office suites and other specialized productivity applications and collaboration environments. Basic office workers frequently employ laptop systems, and expect a transparent experience whether tethered or mobile. They typically customize their PC environments, and often attempt to remedy problems themselves before calling the helpdesk.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop +

Example: A marketing professional who is an office suite power-user, and who also uses a flow-chart design application, an image editing suite, a collaboration environment and the web.


General-Purpose User * SUSE Recommends:

Description: General-purpose users require the most flexibility because the category comprises literally thousands of use cases and is a catch-all of individually managed systems. General-purpose users require support for a diverse range of applications including high-end games, tools for multimedia, basic office automation, home accounting and tax preparation, web, instant messaging, photo management and editing and many others. These are not power users, however, and they do not require complex functions such as scripting.

General-purpose users do expect trouble-free interoperation with printers, scanners, business card readers, external hard drives, digital cameras, portable digital music players, webcams and various other serial and USB-based devices—all simultaneously from one machine. They are increasingly adding second and third computers and expect simple connectivity and secure file sharing over wireless and wired networks.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop +
(for business use)


openSUSE® +
(for home and personal use)

Example: A home-based eBay business operator. She uses an accounting package to manage the family budget and her business finances. Her son also uses the same computer to do homework, download MP3s and play games.

* In some General-Purpose User solutions additional products may be required.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

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