Dozens of bundled applications

Get more bang for your buck. From a web browser, to email and calendaring, to instant messaging, multimedia, and dozens of other essential applications, we've got you covered. Get the Linux desktop that comes bundled with dozens of leading applications–all at no extra cost.

Want office productivity software? Check. Want a Web browser? Check. Want email and collaboration software? Check. Want instant messaging, multimedia, photo management, and dozens of other essential tools? Check, check, check. Then get the Linux desktop that comes bundled with dozens of leading applications—all at no extra cost. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 is the market's leading all-in-one desktop solution.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 Service Pack 2 includes Firefox 10, the latest version of the world's fastest, most secure, and customizable Web browser. Firefox comes with leading features such as integrated search, one-click bookmarking, smart location toolbars, and advanced security and privacy tools. In addition, its broad standards support, and compatibility features, let you work with many Web pages and applications that would otherwise require Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Evolution email view

Evolution E-mail and Calendaring

Evolution™ is the most widely used Linux collaboration client in the world and integrates email, calendaring, contact management, and tasks all integrated into one easy-to-use application. Bundled into SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Evolution integrates smoothly with other applications and communications tools. It also connects to a wide range of collaboration servers including Novell GroupWise® (including GroupWise 8), Microsoft Exchange (including Exchange 2007), and any collaboration server that supports the IMAP and POP standards.

Pidgin Instant Messenger

Pidgin Instant Messaging

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop includes Pidgin for instant messaging. Pidgin supports popular public IM networks such as AOL, MSN, Jabber and Yahoo!. Pidgin also supports Novell GroupWise Instant Messaging, offering security and control by keeping the messaging system both encrypted and contained within the company.

F-Spot Photo Management

F-Spot Photo Library Manager

F-Spot is an open source project focused on developing the highest-quality photo-management application. With advanced support for photo import, publishing, cataloging and editing, F-Spot delivers full-scale photo management that is completely integrated into SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

Banshee Multimedia Player

Banshee Multimedia Player

Backed by SUSE, Banshee is the leading open source multimedia player. Banshee provides playback support for MP3 files, and playback and creation support for Advanced Audio Coding (aac), Ogg Vorbis audio (oga), and Ogg Theora video (ogv) files, along with many other open standard formats. Banshee also has advanced video capabilities and allows you to subscribe to a variety of multimedia sources including streaming music (e.g., as well as audio and video podcasts.

In addition, through the collaboration between SUSE and Microsoft, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 supports all Microsoft Silverlight multimedia formats including Windows Media Audio (wma) and Windows Media Video (wmv). These applications make it easy to view multimedia files, stream audio or video feeds, create CDs or DVDs, and more.

Tomboy Notes Application

Tomboy is another useful Linux productivity tool—a desktop note-taking application. You can use Tomboy to easily organize ideas, create to-do lists and keep track of important information.


SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 Service Pack 2 includes LibreOffice 3.4, the latest full office productivity suite on Linux that provides word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and database capabilities. LibreOffice works like Microsoft Office and is interoperable with Microsoft Office file formats. In addition, LibreOffice 3.4 includes improved compatibility with Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint, stronger Visual Basic macro support, and richer file import capabilities (e.g., ability to read Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, and scalable vector graphics files).

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

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