Interoperate with What You Already Have

Your operating systems don't have to be at war. Choose the Linux desktop that plays best with your current IT environment.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop interoperates with your existing systems and allows you to easily leverage your IT investments. It was designed to coexist with Windows, Mac, UNIX and other operating systems. That's why SUSE Linux Enterprise is the most interoperable Linux desktop available today.

Co-exists with Windows

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop ships with LibreOffice, a complete office productivity suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. It allows you to easily open and save to Microsoft Office files, and work with Microsoft Office users. We know it's not Windows or Linux in the real world. It's Windows and Linux.

Hardware, multimedia and other standards

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop also allows you to easily leverage your other technology investments. It offers strong support for the following:

  • Plug-n-play devices—USE Linux Enterprise Desktop provides extensive compatibility for USB and Bluetooth devices. It features USB device detection and installation for a wide range of Firewire devices, local and remote printers, laptop port replicators and docking stations, mice, scanners, digital cameras, portable music players and smartphones.
  • Multimedia—The cornerstone of the multimedia support in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is Rhythmbox. Rhythmbox includes such features as playlist support, iPod integration, podcast playback, and support for streaming audio. You can also create and import Audio CDs, manage multiple libraries and download and install plugins that add new features to Rhythmbox. In addition, users are able to browse the online (and digital rights management-free) music stores Magnatune and Jamendo.
  • Network standards—Whether you are running NetIQ eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop allows you to seamlessly integrate with your current networks while providing the same security standards. In addition, it easily connects to wired and wireless networks and fully supports IPv6.
  • File standards—SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop supports most Linux file systems as well as Microsoft FAT, NTFS, and Mac HPFS. It also supports a wide range of network file protocols including FTP, NFS, CIFS and SMB2.
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

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