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SUSE CaaS Platform helps you simplify management and control of your container platform with efficient installation, easy scaling, and automation.

Reduce time and cost with efficient installation and configuration
With SUSE CaaS Platform you can set up a complete Kubernetes cluster quickly and easily. There is no need to manually configure each node; instead, provided tooling enables you to roll out a mass deployment in minutes, in an automated way, with minimal interaction.

Simplify management with easy scaling
Use a straightforward command line, or SUSE CaaS Platform’s friendly web-based deployment dashboard to monitor your cluster and add new nodes. Either way, leverage familiar and proven SUSE AutoYaST technology to create deployment profiles for simple, flexible scaling.

Improve control with automated, transactional platform updates
SUSE delivers and updates your system with the latest technology versions, security patches, and maintenance releases the way you want: automatically for hands-off simplicity, or on-your-command for complete governance and control. All without any downtime. And with the unique MicroOS-native ability roll back to a previous version in the event of any outage or other error that may occur during the update.