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SUSE CaaS Platform helps you maximize return on your investment, with a flexible container services solution for today and tomorrow.

Leverage your existing investments with a flexible platform that plays well with others. SUSE CaaS Platform supports the execution of generic Linux containers on the SUSE CaaS Platform, regardless of which Linux variant was used to build them, while delivering the container management platform itself on trusted, enterprise-grade SUSE Linux container OS (MicroOS).

Increase your return, with a platform that meets your needs today—and tomorrow by implementing a pragmatic solution today that is also the foundation for deeper application development and delivery process transformation.

SUSE CaaS Platform addresses current demands, without requiring a commitment to a specific future direction. As needs clarify over time, additional technologies can be layered on top of SUSE CaaS Platform to address new opportunities as they emerge (ex: SUSE Cloud Application Platform is a natural extension into this space).

Improve your IT bottom line with cloud service economics by offering container services to your users.

It’s proven that automated delivery of IT services through self–service or programmatic interfaces saves time and money. You save too when you implement SUSE CaaS Platform, by offering container management services (CaaS) to your development and IT operations teams.