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SUSE CaaS Platform helps you achieve faster time to value with an enterprise-ready container management platform, built from industry leading technologies, and delivered as a complete package, with everything you need to quickly offer container services.

Save time with a curated package that includes the technologies you need to manage containers successfully. No more, and no less. Maintained holistically as individual components evolve, and tested to ensure interoperability each step of the way. The platform package includes:
  • Industry leading Kubernetes container orchestration technology, for automating deployment, scaling, and management of container-based applications
  • Container engine and image registry for storing and running containers using the open source Docker container format
  • SUSE MicroOS, a purpose built OS to run containers while delivering the security, scalability and robustness of SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • Complementary open source technologies, such as
    • Kubernetes extensions like Helm, for deploying applications at scale
    • SUSE managed container images for useful workloads such as MariaDB and SUSE Linux Enterprise base container images
    • as well as an open interface for leveraging other extensions not packaged directly in the platform

Remove roadblocks with SUSE enterprise hardening and support for meeting internal compliance standards and your peace of mind. SUSE assures reliability, scalability, and robustness of the complete CaaS Platform, including all components technologies.