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Improve time to market with advanced tools to more quickly compile, package and deploy Linux solutions for Arm systems.

Toolchain Module
Compile Arm performance-optimized applications quickly with the Toolchain Module featuring the current GCC (GNU Compiler Collection).

KVM virtualization
Maximize hardware resource utilization with KVM enterprise virtualization.

HPC Module
Deploy High Performance Computing (HPC) updated functionality faster and easier with the HPC Module. This module is updated more frequently than the base operating system allowing you to keep up with rapidly evolving HPC innovations, without changing the base OS and therefore avoiding avoid extensive retesting of your platform. The HPC Module for Arm includes the following packages:

  • memory error logging daemon: rasdaemon
  • tool to collect and make the hardware topology visible: hwloc
  • terminal functions: lua-luaterm
  • library binding POSIX APIs: lua-luaposix
  • library to complement the functions related to file systems offered by the standard Lua distribution: lua-luafilesystem
  • modules tool: lua-lmod
  • authentication service: munge
  • cluster remote shell: mrsh
  • parallel shell: pdsh
  • cluster power manager software: powerman
  • cluster serial console manager: conman
  • workload manager: slurm