SUSE Support Subscriptions & How to Buy

SUSE Support Subscriptions deliver what you need most—award-winning technical support from the world’s first Linux and open source support provider. As the oldest expert in Linux and open source, we provide access to several levels of service subscriptions designed to meet your needs.

With a SUSE Subscription you enjoy:

Enhanced Security Protection: On average, SUSE releases about 9 security patches every month. That’s over 100 per year. These allow you to proactively avoid security vulnerabilities and reduce risk.

Access to Increased Functionality: Enjoy access to updates and service pack upgrades that improve stability, add new features and enhance existing functionality.

Excellent Support Service: You can have up to 24x7x365 access to our dedicated support teams depending upon the support level you have chosen.

Assure Subscriptions Compliancy: Avoid subscription gaps that may conflict with accepted compliance terms in your End User License Agreement (EULA) or contract terms for your installed SUSE product or services subscriptions.

Cost Savings: Forget costly licensing fees; buy what matters: Support.

Reliability: SUSE products run seamlessly with your hardware and applications.

Generous Lifecycle: 10 years of support and extend 3 more years if you need to (only applicable for certain products).

With a variety of subscription options, you can choose the level of service that best meets your needs.

Software Upgrades & Updates Yes
Technical Support Unlimited
Methods of Access Chat, Phone, Web
Hours of Access 12x5
Response Time 2 hrs Severity 1
4 hrs Severity 2
Next Business Day Severity 3
Next Business Day Severity 4
Software Upgrades & Updates Yes
Technical Support Unlimited
Methods of Access Chat, Phone, Web
Hours of Access 24x7
Response Time 1 hr Severity 1
2 hrs Severity 2
4 hrs Severity 3
Next Business Day Severity 4

Where do you buy your SUSE Subscription?

Want to talk directly to SUSE?

Then either use our chat window or request a call back.

Need a SUSE partner to build a solution for?

Our Partner Locator lets you search by partner type, location, and specialization.

Launch on Public Cloud?

Get started by choosing your preferred cloud service provider.

Wanting to buy online?

Use the SUSE Shop to buy SUSE products online.

Need to renew your SUSE Subscription?

To renew a subscription, the simplest option is to place a repeat order via the same purchase route as you used before. However, you are free to select a different partner or delivery route if that is more suitable to your needs.

Once you purchase your subscription:

SUSE provides a 0-day delivery. When the order is invoiced, the renewing subscription is delivered and the support continuous. However, keep in mind that if you are ordering through a partner they may need time to process an order. So please make sure you order in time.

Your subscription keys are automatically extended. A reinstall of the subscription would not be necessary.

Need to manage your SUSE subscriptions or want to access SUSE support or the knowledge base?

Get access to support and knowledge Manage your SUSE Subscription in SUSE Customer Center

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