SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Keep Pace With HPC Needs

Organizations and businesses are increasingly turning to High Performance Computing (HPC) to deliver massive computing power. This power is required for challenges ranging from high-end, intensive scientific and engineering problems to commercial, data-intensive tasks.

Accelerate Innovation
Scale Performance
Optimize Workloads
Accelerate Innovation

Solving data-intensive tasks

New solutions are being developed and delivered by a strong ecosystem of HPC partners. In parallel, there is wider adoption of HPC among industrial and mid-market companies. HPC technologies are extensively used in scientific, academic, and governmental research, but as demand for processing power and speed grows, HPC is beginning to interest businesses of all sizes and have become increasingly popular in the mainstream data centers across industries.

Commercial HPC usage now encompasses

  • Automotive engineering
  • Pharmaceutical design
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Renewable energy research
  • Entertainment and media
  • Financial analytics
  • Consumer products manufacturing
  • Super-scalable business computing
Scale Performance

Optimizing the power of supercomputers

To perform all these highly demanding tasks, you need to rely on your HPC systems. An HPC infrastructure is complex in its design and operation, involving a large set of interdependent hardware and software elements that have to be precisely configured and seamlessly integrated across a growing number of compute nodes.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC is designed for scalability to handle mission-critical workloads and to reduce latency. This enables your businesses and organizations to deploy highly scalable, high performance computing systems which help you solve the most demanding computational and data-intensive tasks your business, educational or scientific organization might face.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension, it increases the predictability and reliability of time-sensitive applications. It also allows you to keep pace with the growing needs of processing capacity in all industries.

Optimize Workloads

Realize faster time to value

Based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, our HPC solution delivers easy to use tools that simplify configuration and management, leading to faster development and implementation. Our HPC solution is designed for usability, supported by leading IHVs and ISVs, and backed by world-class service.

Together with key partners, such as Intel, SGI, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Fujitsu, Cray, Bright Computing, ScaleMP, and many others, SUSE delivers highly scalable and reliable solutions to enterprises and organizations.

Rely on High Performance Computing with SUSE Linux to increase efficiency and optimization in workload management with integrated virtualization capabilities. With SLES HPC clustering, you can more effectively manage services and enable better productivity in your business and organization.