Enable DevOps by Transforming Your Infrastructure with SUSE

Organizations continue to transform, embracing new methodologies like DevOps to improve their time to market and meet rising consumer demands. However, in order to get the most out of a DevOps model or process, you must also have the right infrastructure and tools to support it.

SUSE not only provides the open source infrastructure technologies you need to build a software-defined infrastructure and application delivery platform, but we also share the IP & tools that we are developing and using for DevOps (Open Build Service & openQA) and that are integrated with other standard DevOps tools (e.g. Jenkins) with the community. SUSE solutions help to support your adoption of a DevOps model by providing and supporting the tools you need to transform your infrastructure for application lifecycle management and CI/CD. Ultimately helping you to reduce time to market, improve efficiency and meet changing business demands.

Improving Business Agility Using an Open DevOps Approach?


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RAPORT: Przegląd zastosowań kontenerów w Polsce

Przegląd zastosowań kontenerów w Europie Środkowej: IDG Connect na zlecenie SUSE i Hewlett Packard…

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SUSE finalizuje przejęcie firmy Rancher Labs, by wspierać innowacyjność przedsiębiorstw w każdym obszarze

Firma SUSE, światowy lider w dostarczaniu prawdziwie otwartych innowacji open source, w dniu…

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Jak Kubernetes, Rancher i SUSE wspierają konteneryzację?

Zapraszamy na ostatnie spotkanie w ramach Letniej Akademii 2020. Dowiesz się na nim o nowej ofercie…